{Pregnancy Diary} 36 Weeks

36 weeks

How far along? 36 Weeks (shirt says ‘Good things come in large bellies’ … borrowed from a friend :) )

Baby Size & Stats: maybe 6 pounds by now! :)

How am I feeling? Not bad.  I had more false labor almost daily through Tuesday of this week and then it tapered off.  I have major pelvic pressure now so I think the false labor was from him dropping.  The doc confirmed that he is head down and very low today so that’s great news!

Food/Cravings: I’ve been pretty hungry this week, but no cravings out of the ordinary.

Weight: 27 pounds

Maternity clothes? I’m just wearing whatever feels comfortable and conceals the belly these days :)

Sleep: Pretty good.  I keep waking up around 2 or 3 and being wide awake for a couple of hours randomly.  Body preparing for baby?

Miss Anything? Being able to look down and see my feet :)

Movement: He has been pretty quiet since Tuesday when he dropped.  Still regular movements, just not as crazy as before!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Yep.

Gender: Sweet baby boy. :)

Labor Signs:  Possibly the dropping.  But it could still be weeks before he makes his debut.

Workouts: nada…I’m lame!  haha

Mood? Good.

Best moment this week: Our breastfeeding class?  Haha.  It’s amazing how our fun activities have changed over the years from late nights out at bars many years ago to taking a breastfeeding class together :)   We learned a ton and Adam was super helpful so that was cute.  I think we both feel much more prepared now.

Looking forward to: Checking off our to-do list!  I made a huge to-do list to complete before baby and we’re going to try to complete a lot of it this weekend.

Have a great Easter!

{Pregnancy Diary} 35 Weeks


How far along? 35 Weeks

Baby Size & Stats: Honeydew melon…over 5 pounds now :)

How am I feeling? I do feel really great…but I’m having pretty bad false labor a couple of times per week.  Last night I was in so much pain, I almost couldn’t walk out of Target.  Once I got home and laid down, the paid subsided, which is the biggest indicator of false labor – when the pain/cramping/contractions go away when you lay down.  Real labor obviously doesn’t stop for anything. 

So, I’m a little bummed.  I feel good enough to go about my daily activities (and even got in 2 awesome work outs at the beginning of the week) but my body is telling me to slow down.  So, I will be slowing down now.  I don’t want to have his little guy early!  I’m going to get a pedicure this weekend.  And relax. :)

Food/Cravings: No cravings except for water and TUMS to calm the constant heartburn.

Weight: 26 pounds … I gained 2 pounds this week instead of the average 1/2 pound because I started swelling.  :(   Darn.  Thought I’d be a lucky one to not swell at all!

Maternity clothes? I’m just wearing whatever feels comfortable and conceals the belly these days :)

Sleep: Going great…knock on wood.

Miss Anything? Being able to do normal activities and be active without cramping and contractions!  Boo!

Movement: Lots and lots of movement :)

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Yep.

Gender: Sweet baby boy. :)

Labor Signs:  Lots of false labor, as mentioned above.  Hope he stays put for at least another 3-4 more weeks!

Workouts: 2 weightlifting sessions, a session on the elliptical and a good amount of walking

Mood? Good.

Best moment this week: I’ve been SO lucky to have THREE showers over the past week and a half!  And they were all so different and so wonderful!!  We got so much amazing stuff and we really feel much more prepared now.  So many people were so generous and clearly love this little guy so much already.

We also went on a hospital tour which was fun.  The hospital we are delivering at is really nice and has a Level 3 NICU which was important to me.  It was a little scary when we were in the birthing room and they were all like ‘and this is where the stirrups come up and the big light comes down for the doctor’s to get a good view.’  Fun times, huh?

Looking forward to: The last few weeks as a family of three!  We are trying to tie up loose ends and go on as many dates as possible.  I’m also seriously looking forward to 12+ weeks off of work.  It’s so hard to want to be overly-involved in new projects since I won’t be here for them.  And it’s frustrating because I feel like certain people haven’t planned very well and are freaking out now that they’re realizing my due date is around the corner and trying to pile tons of last-minute work on me.  So, that’s kind of frustrating.  But I’m just trying to focus on my little baby and having 12 weeks off to focus on him!

We also have a breastfeeding class next week that’s supposed to be taught be a really awesome teacher.  I’m anxious and excited about breastfeeding so I can’t wait to learn more.

{Pregnancy Diary} 33 Weeks

33 weeks photo

How far along? 33 weeks 3 days

Baby Size & Stats: A PINEAPPLE!  I am not surprised, my stomach is HUGE.

How am I feeling? Really great!  I had a cold all last week, so that sucked, but, pregnancy-wise, I feel great.  I have contractions and tightening in my uterus constantly, especially upon standing, so that’s really the only annoying symptom.  And the heartburn … I’m going through TUMS like crazy.

And no swelling as of yet!  Knock on wood!  I’m still wearing my wedding ring like normal and don’t feel any tightness.  Yay!

Food/Cravings: No cravings anymore…my diet is pretty normal.

Weight: 23 pounds

Maternity clothes? Love my stretchy clothes and pants with the belly panel :)

Sleep: Sleep has been a little harder lately.  I’m not sure why!  I just keep waking up and feeling wide awake.  That never happens.  Maybe my body is preparing me for those sleepless nights – Ha.  Also, moving around in bed is SO hard.  Turning over is a huge feat.  And when I get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, I have to sit there and plan for a minute how I’m going to actually do it.  It’s crazy how much you rely on your ab muscles for everything!

Miss Anything? Normal clothes and not feeling huge.  I had my shower this weekend and, while I was so excited to be the pregnant woman there, I was a little jealous of all my friends in their normal clothes!

Movement: He moves CONSTANTLY.  It’s so wonderful.  Right now he is having a little dance party :)   My cousin told me to enjoy it because I will miss it after he’s born and I think she’s right.  This is probably the only part of pregnancy I’ll miss. :)

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Yep.

Gender: Sweet baby boy. :)

Labor Signs:  Lots of tightening and Braxton Hicks…I need you to stay put for another month or so, little guy!

Workouts: Since I was sick, I didn’t work out.  :(  

Mood? Pretty good!

Best moment this week: My shower!  It was sooo amazing!  My friends and Mom did an amazing job with everything.  I felt so lucky and spoiled!  We are still going through all the stuff we got…I need some organization tips!  Ha.  We better get it organized soon though because we have 2 more showers coming up over the next 2 weeks!

Looking forward to: The last month with my hubby and Gracie.  I can’t believe we really only have a month (maybe more) just as a family of three!