Currently // 06.20.15

SAVING // $75 per month! We just cancelled our digital cable this week.  We still have basic cable, but, clearly, it’s much, much cheaper than digital (although, no more DVR, boo).  We hardly ever watch cable anymore, as it is.  Our bill before the downsize was $210 and now it’s $135!  And our Internet speed went from 15 mbps to 50 (random)!  Every since Google Fiber came to town, TWC has really improved their customer service.  Still, as soon as Google Fiber is available in our neighborhood, we will jump the TWC ship for good.  In summary, we only have basic cable now and hardly watch it anyway and will switch to Google Fiber whenever it’s available to us.

LOVING // The 13-month phase with my son.  How is it possible he’s 13 months old in a few days?  I feel like 12 months was a little tough for us, but we’re back in a sweet spot right now.  When it’s sweet, it’s ohhhh-so-sweet, right?  He is just so sweet and funny, right now.  (How many times can I say the word ‘sweet’?) We spend our entire evenings making lap after lap after lap around our house with the walker and he has the biggest grin on his face the entire time.  My heart bursts for that grin.

DREAMING // I had a dream that another mom at our childcare was already pregnant with her 2nd child and I was SO jealous of her in the dream.  I wish I was ready to have another baby, but I’m just not.  For so many reasons.  I can’t wait to hopefully be blessed with another little babe some day, but for now I’ll just focus on soaking up the sweetness of my little guy.

ANNOYED BY // Post-partum hair probs.  I have the same problem every woman has post-partum: during pregnancy, hair is full and luxurious and then right when you get home from the hospital it starts falling out in big clumps.  (Gross.)  Now, a year later, I have all these baby hairs growing back and framing my entire head and they really just drive me crazy.  I can’t wait for them to grow out so I don’t look like a peach anymore!

PLANNING // A trip to Vegas in October with Krystal and 2 of my girlfriends.  I seriously cannot wait!  But, I’m already worried about how much I’ll miss my little one while we’re there.  Luckily, when we return I’ll have a 3-day weekend to soak up a lot of mommy/son time with him.  But … VEGAS!  We are hoping to stay in a suite at the Cosmopolitan after we look into all our possible options.  So excited!  Now we just need to come up with a  clever hash tag.  #notgoodatcleverhashtags

READING // Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.  It’s just as disturbingly awesome as her other 2 books.

WANTING // A new mattress (our Sleep Number bed is just too damn hot for me).

WORKING OUT // I really want to buy a new workout DVD series (like all those Beach Body ones I keep hearing about), but I have no idea where to start.  I just can’t find the right time to work out.  I’ve been toying with the idea of working out after my son goes to sleep around 7pm since I can’t find any other time that works right now.  I haven’t worked out in the late evenings in years.  But I feel crappy and out of shape and want to do something about it.  I’m still running and lifting 2-3 times a week, but I need a change to kick things into gear.

BLOGGING // More.  I’m going to blog more.  I swear.

WATCHING // Orange is the New Black.  Can’t decide if it’s as good as the first 2 seasons though?

Master Suite Makeover: Making the Bedroom Into A Calming Spa-Like Retreat

I’m making over our master suite into a calming retreat!

I want to walk into this room at the end of a long day and feel relaxed. I want to feel all the stresses of the day vanish when I step through the door.  I want it to help me sleep better.  I want it to be cozy and serene.

When I first started working on our master suite 3 years ago, I was going for purple and gold…so clearly I was crazy back then.  It was not a good look.  I knew it then, but I didn’t want to accept it.


My intentions were good, but now I know that I’m not a professional interior designer and I really don’t have the skills or the budget to pull off that kind of bold color palette.  Plus, it’s not the calming retreat I really want!

So, here’s my new inspiration picture (source):


(Along with a couple more inspiration pictures on my Master Bedroom Pinterest board.)

Similar to pretty much anything I tackle in life, I don’t have any money to spend.  So, I’ve been scouting sales and clearance bins online daily.

I happened upon this pretty amazing settee in the clearance section on a few weeks ago for just $160!  It typically retails at closer to $400, so I couldn’t put it in my cart fast enough.  On top of that, I had a $15 off coupon and they always do free shipping so this settee was mine for just $145.  It is now sitting at the end of our bed looking pretty sweet (pictures to come).


I am planning to make over the whole master suite with that calming retreat theme but I’m starting with the bedroom area first and taking my time.  After that I’ll tackle the bathroom, closet and sitting area.  Here’s what I have planned for the bedroom area:

  1. Coordinated, light-colored bedding and pillows. Already have new, fancy sheets — originally $200 and got them for $18, yay :).  Need a big fluffy comforter for appearance only and coordinating pillows (ours are a mess right now).
  2. Paint the walls a calming, serene color (cream or light blue … ?)
  3. Replace the curtains with cream-colored blackout curtains.
  4. Matching lamps.
  5. Wall art.
  6. Elegant floor mirror for right wall.
  7. Potted plants.
  8. New headboard (must be dirt cheap for that to happen)
  9. Fragrance so it smells like a spa all the time :)

Can’t wait to see the change in this room!


Working Mom

Oops, I haven’t blogged in 7 months!  Well, I’m here now and a lot has changed.

Becoming a mom is completely life-changing (obviously)!  My son is seriously my everything.  He is the coolest, sweetest, funniest person I know.  It has literally taken me 9 months to even start to dabble in my old interests.  It’s truly like falling in love – all I could think about the past 9 months was him!

After 3 months of maternity leave, I went back to work in mid-August.  One week after I started back to work, I put in my notice that I was leaving.  Yep, I resigned from my job after just one week of being back.

Most people thought I was leaving to stay home with my baby.  Nope, I got a new job.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I made the switch – I must have been delirious from lack of sleep and shifting hormones.  For some reason, when I was pregnant, I was REALLY ready to start a new position.  I felt like I had given my all to my last position (I had been with that company for 10 years!).  I applied for this job one week before my son was born.  I knew I was really well-qualified and the position sounded really interesting.  I interviewed for the position 4 weeks postpartum.  Wouldn’t you know it but it was my BEST interview that I have ever done.  I think it’s because I wasn’t nervous at all because I was more concerned with my newborn at home.

They offered me the job while I was still on maternity leave and I negotiated a start date far in the future so I could get back in the groove of going to work and taking my son to daycare.

I started my new job on the day my son turned 4 months old.  It was tough.  Tougher than I expected.  Now, 6 months back to work, and I still don’t feel like I have this working mom thing down.  The weeks fly by and I feel like I didn’t accomplish much outside of work!

I have made a pact with myself though: time with my son is about him and nothing else.  So far, it’s working well.  I feel completely engaged and happy with every moment I get to see him during the day.  One of my best friends made a good point that not seeing him all day makes every moment with him that much more special because I know how precious it is.  Every ride around the house on his ride-n-play puppy is so exciting because I’m only doing it a few times a day – not all day every day.  So that is one positive I’m seeing with this working mom thing – making every moment count.

Luckily, I’ve learned new skills and met a group of great new friends/co-workers at my new job, which has made the transition to working mom/new job a little easier.  I am enjoying the work and doing something new.

Anyways, I haven’t written anything in so long but I keep telling myself that I just need to sit down and get back in the groove.  So here I am!  This post may be a little rusty but at least it’s something!