Monthly Archives: November 2012

Our First (Fur) Baby: Gracie 8

Meet Gracie. She is our sweet little fur baby that we adopted on 10.11.12.  She’s a 10 month old lab mix and she is just a sweet little soul that we are totally in love with. However, before getting Gracie, I had no idea just how independent we were.  We lived our lives based on what we wanted, when we wanted it.  Now that we’re raising a 10 month old, we can’t actually always do whatever we want, when we want to!  Crazy concept, huh?  Good prep for parenthood I think. So, let’s talk about the girl a little bit.  Here’s her story: We rescued her from a fabulous no-kill animal shelter here in KC – Wayside Waifs (below is a picture of the first […]



How To Prepare a Gallery Wall 6

So I’m kind of obsessed with the gallery wall look and knew I wanted to have a huge gallery wall showcase in my own home. But there’s something no one tells you about gallery wall prep:  it’s a b**ch. Seriously, gathering countless frames, getting them at a low price (unless you prefer to blow money on 4 wood planks nailed together, which I really do not), spray painting them (if you’re going for a matching look), cleaning price tags off of frames, finding things to put in the frames, etc. etc. I was planning to spray paint all of my frames satin white to make the gallery wall look cleaner and more “put-together”, so I was not afraid to buy very, very ugly frames.  I […]

First Holiday Mantel 9

I’ve been slowly decorating for Christmas over the past week or so and finally got the mantel to a place I like! I didn’t make too many drastic changes and kept a couple of the regular mantel dwellers in place (like the big gray candle, small blue candles, the G, and the tall and short white vases).  (Fun fact: the iron “G” is our one and only item from Restoration Hardware….and will probably be the only thing we ever own from there.  What is up with their ridiculous prices?! I can’t.) I added a tall silver Christmas tree from HomeGoods (this season).  I wasn’t sure about it at first and finally just tore off the price tag (although, just ignore that plastic ring thing that’s […]



The House To-Do List {Part 1} 9

I’ve been meaning to make a house to-do list for a long time.  I keep a very unorganized list in my head, but it’d be REALLY nice to get it down on paper.  Not only so I can remember what I wanted to do and stay organized, but also to cross things off when I get to them! I need to preface this list with the fact that I have more things to buy than projects to complete (right now).  We came from a tiny apartment where we lived on our college-era furniture.  We stuck with the old stuff for so long because I knew we’d rather save money to spend on new stuff when we bought a house.  So all this buying has been […]