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I’ve been slowly decorating for Christmas over the past week or so and finally got the mantel to a place I like!

I didn’t make too many drastic changes and kept a couple of the regular mantel dwellers in place (like the big gray candle, small blue candles, the G, and the tall and short white vases).  (Fun fact: the iron “G” is our one and only item from Restoration Hardware….and will probably be the only thing we ever own from there.  What is up with their ridiculous prices?! I can’t.)

I added a tall silver Christmas tree from HomeGoods (this season).  I wasn’t sure about it at first and finally just tore off the price tag (although, just ignore that plastic ring thing that’s still hanging from the bottom of it).


We have two awesome and hearty Holly plants outside.  I trimmed a couple of pieces and stuck ‘em in the vases.   I think I’ll grab some more, too, because the black vase would probably look better with a huge bunch.  (And, yes, I realize Holly is poisonous, but our little fur baby isn’t quite tall enough to reach the mantel. :) )


That white glittery reindeer was a clearance find at HomeGoods this season.  If you look reaalllllyyyy closely, you can see the poor guy is missing part of his antler.  But it’s hardly noticeable and was marked down to $10.00, so I snagged him up.

I also switched out the pink flowers for white in the large white vase on the right (which, by the way, used to be clear and was on clearance for around $5 at Target!).  The pinks just didn’t jive with the Holly and the rest of the scheme.


And how could I forget my gold, bejewled nativity scene?  My mother-in-law got this for me a couple of years ago when I was baptized in the Catholic church and I love it!  I love how it’s classy and chic, but still has special meaning.


Overall, I think I spent about $25.00 on the entire mantel!  I already owned everything except for the silver Christmas tree and reindeer with the antler-injury.  I’m slowly stocking up on holiday decorations, but I’m mostly planning to wait for the after-Christmas sales!

Have you decorated for Christmas?  Any pretty mantels out there?  We just got up the tree last night and are planning to bundle up and get the outside lights up later today!

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