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The Start of a Home Gym 8

When we bought our house last March, we hadn’t planned on building a home gym.  We were in love with the huge fitness center we were members of and had no plans of leaving.  Of course, when we lived in our apartment our gym was literally 2 or 3 minutes away (driving).  I often ran to the gym (it was a quick mile), lifted weights, and ran home, which ended up being an awesome strength/cardio workout. And even though we didn’t move THAT far way, it now takes about 15 minutes to drive to the gym (damn stoplights).  That’s just long enough for me to dread going to the gym.  The round-trip drive plus the whole hassle of actually getting inside and settled added almost […]



We Painted Our 2-Story Entryway 8

…and lived to tell about it! Remember the tan? I’ll remind you. This view from the stairs (below) shows the color the most accurately (at least on my computer). It’s pure gray without any hint of blue (so if you’re seeing any, it’s probably just my amateur photography skills). Remember how we loathed all the brown in our house? Brown walls, brown floors, brown tile, brown kitchen cabinets. Well, now that we painted this entryway, we are kinda digging the rest of the brown in the house. Since the entryway is 2-stories, it makes quite the statement. Now that it’s gray, it really helps to balance out the brown. The dining room and the office – the two rooms on either side of the entryway […]

New Year’s Resolutions 2

We’re already 25 days into the New Year and I’m just now getting to my New Year’s resolutions?  No big deal. Put crap away.  If you were to stand in our master bathroom, my sink would be the cluttered, messy one and my husband’s would be the tidy one.  Slightly embarrassing.  I am totally the messy person in our relationship unless I’m forcing myself to focus on being tidier.  It only seems right to try to stay tidy if I spend so much time thinking about my home and decorating it! Get dressed on work-at-home days.  Since I work from home half the time, I live in yoga pants and leggings a lot.  But I feel pretty crummy on days I don’t at least brush […]



Pics from the Weekend 2

Celebrating Gracie’s 1st birthday. My poor husband spent the entire weekend on top of this ladder. MacGyver-ing a paint brush to fit an out-of-reach spot. Brunch after church. Mixing home-made paint … not to be confused with peanut butter! A sweet Target clearance rack deal. My mantel currently.  Simple.  Pink.  Grey.  Pretty much in love with it.

High Five for Friday 8

I scored this Moleskine 2013 planner (hardcover!) for 50% off at Barne’s and Noble for like $8.  Try as I might, I can’t get into electronic to-do lists and planners.  I love writing it down. Gracie somehow managed to crack the world’s most heavy-duty dog bone in half.  This wasn’t one of those manufactured crappy ones.  I think this was literally an animal’s bone at one point (gross).  And she cracked it like a boss.  Also – Gracie turns ONE TODAY!  Happy birthday to our little baby. Our tab after an afternoon of family and friends and drinks at my husband’s family bar.  It’s a no-frills, very-Cheers-like, everybody-knows-your-name kinda place. Our go-to healthy dinner.  Pan-seared chicken, roasted Brussels sprouts, and roasted sweet potatoes.  We used […]



What I’ll Be Doing This Weekend…

Painting our 2-story entryway. Praying my husband doesn’t fall off the ladder while we’re balancing it on uneven steps. Man, what an exciting life we lead, huh?  We’ve literally been planning this weekend for weeks.  That’s right, we’ve been planning to stay home for 3 days and do nothing but paint, thanks to the holiday that falls on Monday. And, boy, am I ready.  Because I sure as hell am sick of looking at this every day: Yes, I’m indecisive. We ended up going with Behr’s Anonymous at 50% tint instead of the full tint.  After I set my mind on Anonymous, I started to panic that it would be too dark and we’d be all goth-like and depressed in our house.  So, I think […]

Picking Paint Colors: Entryway & Mud Room 5

Now that the holidays are over, we’ve been itching to finish up some winter projects we’ve been planning.  On the agenda?  Painting, of course. Up first: the entryway. I wanted to go with a dark gray for the entryway since seeing this picture on Pinterest: Sadly, I can’t find the original source, which means I can’t find the exact color. We’ve been playing around with paint samples on the wall (below) and this picture just shows how different paint chips can seem to the actual color you paint on the wall.  I went into Lowe’s looking for a similar color to the picture above and came out with the two lighter colors (Valspar’s Polished Silver and Olympic’s Secret Passage, both on the bottom). And, the […]