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New Framed Art in the Master 26

A couple of weeks ago I was at HomeGoods (you know…pretty much where I’m at whenever I have a free minute) when I found a set of framed art on clearance.  A set of beautiful purple flowers in gold frames.  Perfect for our master bedroom. I hung them above our dresser (more on that here) which was a fun project in of itself.  Let’s just say there are several gaping holes behind those pictures.  But they’re straight and level, even if it did come at the cost of holing up our walls.  Oops. If you remember I had this print below hanging above the dresser before (another HomeGoods find).  I’m not crazy about it anymore, so I’m planning to paint over it with something new. […]



Latelies. 1

Workouts this week… Sunday: 20 interval run Monday: Off Tuesday: Back, abs, shoulders Wednesday: Chest, triceps Thursday: 20 interval run Friday: HIIT workout (below) + 5 sprints @ 8.5mph Saturday: (planned) Legs workout So…I’m on track to work out 6 times this week.  I can’t even remember the last time that has happened!  6 months?  A year?  I’ve been set in the 3-5 times per week for awhile, so I’m pretty excited.  3 cardio + 3 strength workouts is pretty baller.  I’ve been trying to aim for shorter + harder cardio workouts because I know how devastating tons of steady state cardio can be on your  metabolism.  Plus, it’s nice to get your workout over with so quickly!  But…tough to push yourself so hard.   Here’s […]

Gracie: 6 Month Update 3

Get ready for the longest post ever! A couple of weeks ago marked the 6 month anniversary of when we brought our rescue dog, Gracie, home.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 months!  Actually, I can.  This half-year has been full of ups and downs and learning experiences for us all! Stats on 10.11.12 (when we brought her home): 68 pounds 8 1/2 months old scared, cried a lot never kissed or wagged her tail had LOTS of energy loved to DIG! Stats on 04.11.13 (6 months after we brought her home): 88 pounds! 14 1/2 months old hardly ever cries gives sloppy kisses regularly and wags her tail when she sees us still pretty energetic, but easing into laziness in her old age (Hallelujah!) […]



Spring 2013 Family Photo

A couple Saturday’s ago, my husband and I were about to head out on the town (man, I sound so old) and we decided to take a family photo before we left.  We propped my DSLR camera on a chair, set the timer, got a handful of treats for Miss Gracie and posed on the stairs.  This was the first shot we got and I’m in love with it.  Look closely at how all of Gracie’s legs are sliding apart (she has a little trouble staying in place on the hardwoods) and how focused on the camera she is (and how I’m clutching her to stay in place, haha).  It turned out so imperfectly perfect!  We’re planning to try a family photo on the stairs […]

Thrift Store Lamp for the Guest Room 7

I’m always scouting for lamps at thrift stores.  New lamps are so expensive!  Good ones are $40-80 at discount stores like HomeGoods and that’s about $20-60 out of my budget. So, when I found this tall, brass lamp with pretty curves at Goodwill for $3.99, I knew I could spruce her up to my taste for just a fraction of the cost. And, honestly, I didn’t completely dislike the lamp in its original brass state.  If I hadn’t decided to spray paint it a fun color, I probably would have polished it up, slapped a drum shade on it and called it good. But, I’d been itching for something pretty in one of guest rooms, so I decided to go for mint instead. Can you […]



$10 DIY Sunburst Mirror 68

Lately, I’ve been on a quest to furnish and decorate our house in the most inexpensive way possible.  So, when I discovered an old round mirror that my husband had from his college days in our basement, I knew it would be the perfect piece to create an inexpensive DIY sunburst mirror. You’ve seen these mirrors, right?  They’re EVERYWHERE right now.  On all the blogs.  All over Pinterest.  What I love about these mirrors is that they may be on trend right now, but they also have a classic look that you could have on your walls for many, many years. After a quick Google search, I found several options … all of them were WAY out of my price range. Yeah…not interested in spending hundreds […]

Latelies. 1

enjoying…more and more time outside!  If you follow me on Instagram (ambergil), you’ll know that we’ve been eating almost all of our meals on our deck.  It’s so beautiful and relaxing!  Being outside on these beautiful warm, crisp days has been making me so appreciative of the seasons.  Winter is rough, but spring and summer are such amazing rewards! cooking…grilling out!  On Easter, my hubby and I cracked open the grill for the first time in 6 months and enjoyed our first meal of grilled chicken.  We usually grill 3-5 times a week in the warmer weather and I’m so happy that grillin’ season has just started. planning…My brother is moving into a new house soon and I’m so excited to help him spruce it […]



Healthy Potato Skin Casserole Recipe 4

I have a thing for potatoes.  And potato skins?  Even better.  But potato skins in a health-ified casserole form?  Can life get any better than that? Of course, “healthy” is subjective.  Depends on what diet you’re on.  For me, I find that my jeans are the loosest when I’m eating a good balance of lean protein and complex carbs.  This recipe combines both and leaves you with days and days worth of leftovers.  Winner, winner in my book. I actually saw this recipe floating around on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and thought it would be perfect after a little tweaking. I love combining starchy carbs (potatoes) and lean protein (chicken) with other healthy goodies to create delicious but healthy dinners in our house.  […]

Mudroom Rug + Clock Updates 2

Last time I updated you on our mud room progress, we had just finished the shoe storage and bench area.  After that, I wanted to add a narrow rug and large wall clock to the space. This is the room where we enter and leave our house every day, so I wanted a durable rug with rubber backing, but I also wanted it to be pretty.  I was looking for something that was 2×5 – basically a short runner. I have to note that I did originally have a perfect rug for this space at one point.  It was gray and thin and had a nice rubber backing.  But, one day a certain yellow puppy decided to put her mark on it: Lovely. But, I […]