Mexico 2

Adam and I spent a week in Mexico for our second anniversary.  We stayed at the same resort we honeymooned at and it was gloooooorioussssss!  I can’t thank Ginna enough for the recommend over 2 years ago!

We spent a week lounging, reading, drinking too many Coronas and other frozen drinks, eating too much, and having so, so much fun.


Those were our first Corona Lights right after we stepped out of the airport.  Feel free to ignore that kid between our beers.  I should really work on my quick picture-taking skills.  But I was just too excited to be in Mexico and be drinking before noon.


I don’t always drink margaritas, but when I do, it’s usually in Mexico.


We took this picture from the plane, so I’m not sure exactly where this is at, but how gorgeous is this beach!?  I want to go there.  Nope.  I want to live there.


We spend a good chunk of our days at this pool.  This may just be the greatest pool in the entire world.  It’s huge, it’s just steps away from the beautiful Mexican beach, and there’s an awesome swim-up bar where my Mexican friend “Jumanji” will make you any drink you want.  I recommend the Iceberg: half frozen margarita, half corona.  Just delectable.


Just another shot of the greatest pool in the world.  Sorry, dude, laying on the lounge chair.  You will forever be immortalized in your board shorts on my blog.  You’re welcome.


Ahhh.  Aren’t you relaxed already just after seeing that picture? 


Sadly, I only got one picture of us on our vacay.  It was this blurry one on the last night of our trip.  We hardly used our phones and instead just focused on what was going on around us.  It was an amazing week.  Every day, I tried to convinced my Mexican amigos who work at the resort to give me a job.  I’m pretty sure I have a job on the entertainment crew if I want it.  Now to convince Adam that we should move to Mexico…

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