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That Time I Painted My Curtains Black 2

So remember that time I had gold curtains in my bedroom?  Well, I decided I hated them after a short time.  I tried dyeing and bleaching them to no avail.  Finally, I decided to just paint our old curtains black! I had a can of black oops paint that I bought at Lowe’s a couple months ago.  I briefly considered painting our French doors black (which may still happen eventually), but decided the office needed a set of curtains more than a set of black French doors.  So, the painting began… I gotta be honest, I was a little nervous during the process.  The curtain soaked up a TON of paint.  Each panel took one quart of paint!  That was the only downside of this […]



Office Makeover for $100: Before Pictures

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks slowly “making over” our office.  I’m using that term loosely because we wanted to do it on a budget, so it’s not a huge, drastic change.  But, we both think it looks much better.  And for $100, I’ll take it! We completed about 5 projects to makeover the office, and I’ll be sharing them over the next few weeks. You’ve seen most of these pictures before, but here they are again to remind you of the sad, sad state that was our office! Since this is one of the first rooms you see when you enter our house, I wanted it to look just a little better. I’ll be sharing our first project on Thursday!   Stay tuned…

My Last 10 Pins

I love seeing what other goodies people find on Pinterest, so I’m sharing my last 10 pins today!  Follow me on Pinterest for more pinning fun. Tying balloons with tulle is so much prettier than regular ribbon.  Love it! Reminding myself to take out my fall decorations in a couple of weeks – these spray painted pumpkins are one of my favorite cheap and easy projects! Speaking of fall, I would love to carve our pumpkins this fall using a drill.  I love the result. A healthy juice recipe.  Not sure it can actually help you de-bloat, but I bet it makes you feel pretty good! Homemade coconut butter for a fraction of the cost.  Sold! I love the idea of bringing (free) outdoor elements […]



How To Remove Labels From Wine Bottles 46

We’ve been on a frugal kick around our house, so I’ve been trying to do projects at home by using what I already have.  I have several fun using-what-you-have projects to share over the next few weeks!  Get excited.  And since it’s Monday and we’re all depressed the weekend is over, why not talk about decorating with wine bottles?!  It’s a pretty easy and cheap project, especially if you’re a wino like me.  Of course, the first thing you have to do is learn how to remove the labels from wine bottles! So, there are tons of ideas for how to remove the labels from wine bottles out there, but this is the way that worked best for me. Fill your sink with hot, hot, […]

10 Things I Did This Weekend 1

1. Got bangs.  Okay, that actually happened Thursday night. 2. Went to brunch with Adam on Saturday morning.  We’ve been getting $2 off coupons to First Watch and have been taking advantage!  Eating brunch al fresco is the best.  Especially with the hubby you love!  And good coffee. 3. Spray painted all my vases white to create a cohesive look on my mantel. 4. Pinned my new bangs back.  They are so annoying!  Will I ever get used to them? 5. Went on a date with this guy.  We then proceeded to explore the West Bottoms of Kansas City after dark, which may or may not be a great idea.  (We’re reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – I’m finished and Adam is halfway through […]



White Home Office & Painted Curtains 4

I did something a little cray cray last weekend.  I jumped on the painted curtain bandwagon.  Instead of stripes or stencils, I just went for it and painted the whole damn panel: That black panel there?  Nice, right?  Yeah, it used to be gold.  (Don’t mind those patches in the wall that need to be sanded/painted…forever a work in progress!)Remember those hideous gold curtains I had in our bedroom for a hot second?  I’ll remind you: Okay, they’re not that awful, but I just did not like them at all.  I’ve since replaced them with dark purple curtains that were on clearance for $7 a panel at Target last winter.  The new purple curtains block light soooo much better which is good because I need […]

Thrift Store Table Makeover 6

That title is deceiving.  The word “makeover” is used loosely since I really just bought a can of spray paint and went to town on a grungy old thrift store table, as seen below in its sad little before picture.  It doesn’t look half bad since you can’t see all the smudges and dirt and grime.  But, trust me, it was pretty…grody (yes, I just used that word…bringin’ it back). And after 3 thin coats of Rustoleom’s Glossy Black, she was lookin’ pretty flossy.  Check it out for yourself: This table was $14.99 at Salvation Army.  Which, in my humble opinion, is kind of highway robbery at a thrift store.  Shoulda been more like 6 bucks.  But, ah well, I saw it and knew it’d […]