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We’ve been on a frugal kick around our house, so I’ve been trying to do projects at home by using what I already have.  I have several fun using-what-you-have projects to share over the next few weeks!  Get excited.  And since it’s Monday and we’re all depressed the weekend is over, why not talk about decorating with wine bottles?!  It’s a pretty easy and cheap project, especially if you’re a wino like me.  :) Of course, the first thing you have to do is learn how to remove the labels from wine bottles!

how to remove labels from wine bottles

So, there are tons of ideas for how to remove the labels from wine bottles out there, but this is the way that worked best for me.

Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water.  Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink.  Next, add this secret potion:

  • 1/2 cup baking powder
  • 1 Tbsp dish soap
  • 2 cups white vinegar

Once you add the vinegar to the sink, it will get all fizzy for a second.  It will bring back to your elementary school science experiment days. :)

remove labels from wine bottles

After about 30 minutes to an hour (or more if you have time to leave them soaking for awhile), begin peeling the labels off.  They should come off pretty easily.  If they don’t – let them soak longer (duh 😉 ).  I found that some brand labels came off easier than others.  After I got the label off, there were certain labels that needed a little scrubbing with a sponge to get the rest of the glue residue off.  For the most part, the baking powder/vinegar does the trick!

Afterwards, you’ll be left with pretty, naked wine bottles like these. :)

wine bottles no labels

For now, I’ve added them to the tops of my bare kitchen cabinets.




I’ve got some plans to make wall-mounted wine bottle vases in the future though.   How cute are these that I pinned from Pinterest?!

wine bottle vase

(sourced to the pin!)

There ya go – the best way I found to remove labels from wine bottles!  Since we go through at least one bottle every week (or more some weeks…), we had plenty of wine bottles to spare.  Nothing like a good, cheap project – especially when I get to drink wine. :)

Have you ever decorated with wine bottles?

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