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{Pregnancy Diary} 16 Weeks 4

How far along? 16 weeks Baby Size & Stats: avocado…4 1/2 inches! How am I feeling? Good!  I’m really feeling like I’m at that turning point where you officially start to feel better.  I only had a couple bouts of nausea this week but felt great most of the time!  Yay! My hunger is really gaining speed, too.  I have gotten REALLY hungry at times this week.  It made for an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Food/Cravings: water and soda products, nothing’s changed here! Weight: +4 pounds (official doctor weigh-in) Maternity clothes? I’m mostly wearing leggings these days.  I do like showing off the bump with form-fitting tanks and tops, too.  Leggings, a tank, a loose sweater, and boots is basically my uniform lately! Sleep: Great!  Miss Anything? […]



My Christmas Wish List 2

Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Maker : We are horrible coffee makers and can never seem to get it to taste right.  I would love a Keurig to take over for us! TOMS Ivory Grosgrain’s Women’s Classics : I’ve always wanted a pair of TOMS and I think these will be cute and comfy during pregnancy. Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette : OMG, prettiest colors ever, right?!  I usually stick to browns and other neutrals for my eyes, so I would LOVE this. Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVD : Since running is out for me (probably) for the rest of pregnancy, I’d like to invest in some DVDs to stay in shape the net 6 months. Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (25% off on Black Friday at Lowe’s!) : […]

Two Cheap and Easy Light Fixture Updates 2

If you would have asked me a year ago to change out a light fixture, I would have laughed at you. But after living in our house for almost 2 years now (!), we’ve become pretty brave with simple DIY projects like changing light fixtures.  It really is much simpler than it looks.  And it helps that my husband did a majority of the work. haha.  BUT, I was involved in an assistant role so I got to see how things went down firsthand.  Of course, things will always go smoother with electrical projects if you turn off the power source first .:) The first update was the chandelier in our ‘dining room’. This room is pretty embarrassing.  It holds all of our old furniture […]



{Baby Diary} 15 Weeks 2

I’m planning to do weekly updates throughout this pregnancy (I’m sure I’ll miss a couple weeks here and there though).  I love reading these weekly updates on other blogs, so I hope you do, too! How far along? 15 weeks + 1 day Baby Size & Stats: navel orange   How am I feeling? I’m feeling the most normal I have since I got pregnant.  I still have daily nausea, but I think I’m just so mentally over it that it’s not bothering me as much anymore.  The fact that my energy is better and my food aversions have decreased significantly really helps.  Sometimes food still really grosses me out. I’m accepting the fact that I may be one of those unlucky women who deals with […]

Baby Makes 4 13

If I still have any readers out there (helloooo out there??), we are excited to finally announce that we’re expecting our first baby in May! (lovely blurry iPhone photo!) Although I’ve been such a blog slacker, I have TONS of baby diary posts stored away.  I’ve been writing a little baby diary most of the summer.  And then when I found out I was pregnant, I started a weekly diary.  I’m still trying to decide what, if any, of the baby diary to post (some of it is, uh, a little TMI and a lot of it is also very ‘woe is me’ when I was suffering through awful morning sickness).  But I figured I’d kick this off with a couple FAQs that most expecting […]