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Crown Molding Update & Nursery To-Dos 7

We finally finished getting the crown up in the nursery this weekend! Of course, no DIY project is free of mishaps and mistakes.  And curse words.  We made a few mistakes along the way that hopefully a little caulk and paint can cover up.  But all that really matters is we have a room of completed crown molding now! Before and after: We (well, Adam) still have to caulk the seams and nail holes and paint, but the hardest part is done.  I have a bunch of tips that I need to share because there was definitely a learning curve.  And since we don’t plan to tackle crown molding in the other two rooms for quite awhile (since we’ll be rather busy with a newborn […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks (hash tag awkward bathroom selfie) Baby Size & Stats: He’s a CANTALOUPE!  I’m carrying around a cantaloupe in my stomach.  Unbelievable. How am I feeling? Still pretty great.  I had my first experience with Braxton Hicks contractions this week and that was fun … Not.  I think I overdid it over the weekend and was possibly a little dehydrated.  It was just one episode in the middle of the night.  Since then, I’ve had cramping and a sense of uncomfortableness in my abdomen/uterine region.  The doctor keeps saying ‘it’s normal and let me know if you have more than 4 Braxton Hicks contractions in one hour or if you experience bleeding’.  So yeah, at this point, I’m just counting down […]

2014 Goals 2

I debated writing a goals/resolutions post because my goals for the year are probably pretty obvious (have a baby, the end). But I still like getting a vision for the year on paper, so I decided to go ahead and post about my goals anyway.  Here goes! 1. Do as many adult/independent/couple activities as possible before May. Now that we know the gender of our baby, we’ve started working on the nursery, and the holidays and New Year are behind us, I feel like my due date is coming at us like a freight train.  And I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I think most first-time parents worry about the loss of their independence when they start having kids.  And that’s definitely something […]

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Blue Paint in the Nursery 6

We’ve been making tons of progress in the nursery since the holidays.  I picked out both blue and pink colors before we knew the gender so we’d be ready to go when we had time to paint. The blue we went with is Timid Blue from Sherwin Williams.  (I also chose Fancy Pink also by SW if it would have been a girl.) Timid Blue turned out to be the PERFECT color.  I absolutely love it.  It’s a little green, but mostly blue.  The color changes constantly throughout the day which I love.  It’s pale and soft and not overwhelming but very pleasing to look at.  I’ve been admiring it for a week since Adam painted! I seriously struggle with picking the right paint colors.  […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 22 Weeks 3

How far along? 22 Weeks (even though I’m using my 21 week picture :)) Baby Size & Stats: papaya How am I feeling? Great!  I love you second trimester.  Let’s keep it this way forever. Food/Cravings: No cravings or aversions.  Although, I am trying to get back to ‘normal’ healthy eating.  I have pretty much given myself a free pass to indulge/eat whatever I can get down, but, now that I’m feeling like myself, it’s time to eat healthier.  My little nugget needs those nutrients!  And I want to stay strong and healthy, too.  I’m bringing back the chicken and vegetable dinners, oatmeal, and green smoothies. Weight: 9-10 pounds Maternity clothes? Yep.  Let’s just say I cannot remember the last time I wore jeans. Sleep: […]



Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration 1

Now that we know we’re having a baby boy, we can finally start on the nursery!  I’ve been scouring Pinterest FOR-ever for the perfect nursery inspiration and have it narrowed down to some things I like. I definitely gravitate towards light colors and a calming, sophisticated look.  Isn’t this nursery ‘dreamy’?? Hahaha. These two pictures below may be my favorites I found to date.  I love both gliders, especially the first one.   Lots of people have asked me what the ‘theme’ of the nursery will be?  I think ‘themes’ used to be really popular back in my parents’ day, because both of our parents seem really concerned about my nursery theme.  There won’t really be a nursery theme, but there will be a couple […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 20 Weeks & Gender Reveal 4

How far along? 20 weeks (I’m 21 weeks now…so a little late) Baby Size & Stats: banana How am I feeling? Great, great, great.  Aside from shortness of breath, more limited movements thanks to my growing belly, occasional emotional meltdowns, and allergies that won’t quit, I feel wonderful.  What a glorious time of pregnancy! Food/Cravings: No cravings.  I have had a couple aversions this week, but mostly I’m chowing down like a pregnant woman should. Weight: 5-6 pounds (at my 19 week appointment) Maternity clothes? Yep.  If it’s stretchy, come to mama. Sleep: Great!  Knock on wood! Miss Anything? A big glass of vino and a hard workout/run (I’ll probably say this the next 20 weeks!) Movement: Yes!  The baby is moving around like crazy […]