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Now that we know we’re having a baby boy, we can finally start on the nursery!  I’ve been scouring Pinterest FOR-ever for the perfect nursery inspiration and have it narrowed down to some things I like.

I definitely gravitate towards light colors and a calming, sophisticated look.  Isn’t this nursery ‘dreamy’?? Hahaha.


These two pictures below may be my favorites I found to date.  I love both gliders, especially the first one.




Lots of people have asked me what the ‘theme’ of the nursery will be?  I think ‘themes’ used to be really popular back in my parents’ day, because both of our parents seem really concerned about my nursery theme.  There won’t really be a nursery theme, but there will be a couple of puppy items for sure.  I love this oversized silhouette of a lab in this nursery:


One project I’ve already started is a DIY fabric garland.  I’ve seen these all over Pinterest (and pinned a tons of ideas for it!) and thought it was such a cool idea that would take up a lot of wall space for a small amount of money.  I can’t wait to share how it turns out!  Of course, my garland will be more blue and less yellow.  In the meantime, someone find me some patience for cutting/ripping all that fabric…


The main colors for the nursery will be light blue, cream, and white with a little bit of different shades of blue and some mint thrown in.  I hope to make a very calming yet charming room … one that will relax our little guy right to sleep every night. :)  Because he’ll be the perfect sleeper … right?

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