Crown Molding Update & Nursery To-Dos 7

We finally finished getting the crown up in the nursery this weekend! Of course, no DIY project is free of mishaps and mistakes.  And curse words.  We made a few mistakes along the way that hopefully a little caulk and paint can cover up.  But all that really matters is we have a room of completed crown molding now!

Before and after:


We (well, Adam) still have to caulk the seams and nail holes and paint, but the hardest part is done.  I have a bunch of tips that I need to share because there was definitely a learning curve.  And since we don’t plan to tackle crown molding in the other two rooms for quite awhile (since we’ll be rather busy with a newborn for awhile), I want to jot down our notes before I forget them.



Gracie loves to be wherever we are in the house, so she hung around for most of the crown installation.  She didn’t seem to be too entertained by our hard work…


Now that we have that major to-do marked off our list, Adam and I can start working on other small projects together.  We’re excited for it to finally start looking like a nursery and less like a work zone!

One of the projects I plan on getting to pretty soon is closet organization.  I’ve already gotten tons of stuff for this little guy and we haven’t even had a shower yet!  We’ve already gotten gifts and hand-me-downs from relatives.  And I’ve been shopping the clearance sections at Old Navy and Target like crazy and finding awesome scores like a pair of shorts for this summer for 47 cents and a black and white puppy onesie for 70 cents (both Old Navy).


So, here’s our to-do list for the nursery.  Less than 4 months now…we better get on it!

  • Caulk and paint the crown molding
  • Touch up the wall paint (it suffered a bit during the crown installation)
  • Bring in the white dresser from our bedroom (this one!)
  • Add support boards under the dresser so it doesn’t wobble
  • Line the dresser drawers with velvet (halfway done with this one!)
  • Put the crib together (we have one, it’s just in the box)
  • Spray paint a curtain rod white or buy a new one
  • Line pre-owned curtains with black out liner
  • Hang the curtain rod/curtains
  • Finish the fabric garland and hang
  • DIY puppy silhouette canvas art
  • DIY a mobile?
  • Paint thrift store mirror and hang
  • Build these bookshelves, paint white, and hang
  • Buy an end table for the glider or paint one that I already have white
  • Buy a floor lamp or a lamp for the side table
  • Wait around for the delivery of our glider/ottoman (should be here early April/May)
  • Organize the closet
  • Wash the clothes!
  • DIY something for the wall for his name?

Whew!  We’ve got a lot to do over the next 15 1/2 weeks!

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Hi, I'm Amber! I live in Kansas City with my family. I am a working mom trying to do it all. I love iMessaging, teasing my husband, working out sporadically, Friends episode on Netflix, and smothering my baby boy with kisses. email me at anytime!

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7 thoughts on “Crown Molding Update & Nursery To-Dos

  • Paul

    What a difference that crown molding makes in the nursery. We just had a baby and I did crown molding with flat panel rectangles above and below a chair rail. It’s pretty sweet… My wife loves it and that’s all that really matters. Keep up the good work!

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