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{Pregnancy Diary} 28 Weeks, Third Trimester! 3

Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post!  I loved hearing your thoughts. How far along? 28 weeks … officially in the third trimester! (Didn’t have a picture for 28 weeks, so I’m just using a picture I took last week.) Baby Size & Stats: Eggplant…between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds! How am I feeling? As good as you can feel when you’re pregnant?  In general, I feel great.  But I’m out of breath regularly, peeing constantly, suffering from acid reflux nightly, and having more and more trouble getting around.  Adam usually has to give me a little push on the back to get me off the couch at the end of the night…haha.  Also, a new symptom is back pain…yikes.  Hope these next 12 weeks go […]



Pregnancy & Parenting Fear Mongering 6

Something that’s really bothered me since I announced our pregnancy is fear mongering from other people.  Other parents and even non-parents trying to scare us about what lies ahead of us… “sleep now because you’ll NEVER sleep again” “your body will never be the same” “you’ll never have any free time” “say goodbye to date nights” “enjoy your maternity leave…haha, it will be so stress-free!” (in a sarcastic tone) “OMG the glucose test is the worst.  I puked the first time and they made me do a 3-hour test!” …and many, many more. I started to catch on to these exaggerated lies pretty quickly on.  And, then, last week, when I did my glucose test (which was NOT bad at all), my suspicions were confirmed: […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 26 Weeks 1

How far along? 26 weeks Baby Size & Stats: Eggplant … and maybe over 2 pounds!  Wow!  I have gained the most weight over the past couple weeks, so I think he is having a growth spurt. How am I feeling? Pretty great still, but it’s harder to move around these days.  Moving around in bed is so hard as is getting up to go to the bathroom a gazillion times per night.  And my belly still has so much growing to do!  I’ve had a little more acid reflux lately and my back is starting to hurt sometimes.  But, still, I can’t complain!  Food/Cravings: Bring me all the sweets! Weight: 17 pounds (and now for a headless picture of me working out in our […]