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{Pregnancy Diary} 33 Weeks 3

How far along? 33 weeks 3 days Baby Size & Stats: A PINEAPPLE!  I am not surprised, my stomach is HUGE. How am I feeling? Really great!  I had a cold all last week, so that sucked, but, pregnancy-wise, I feel great.  I have contractions and tightening in my uterus constantly, especially upon standing, so that’s really the only annoying symptom.  And the heartburn … I’m going through TUMS like crazy. And no swelling as of yet!  Knock on wood!  I’m still wearing my wedding ring like normal and don’t feel any tightness.  Yay! Food/Cravings: No cravings anymore…my diet is pretty normal. Weight: 23 pounds Maternity clothes? Love my stretchy clothes and pants with the belly panel Sleep: Sleep has been a little harder lately.  […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 32 Weeks 2

How far along? 32 weeks, people!  Home stretch!  How bout a picture from the front this week?  I love love love this outfit because the dress is so comfy and flattering! Baby Size & Stats: A jicama, whatever that is.  About 3 3/4 pounds! How am I feeling? Tired, but great.  I can’t complain. Food/Cravings: My appetite has been pretty low as the days progress.  I read this is a common third trimester symptom since your stomach is so smushed.  Weight: Holding steady right around 22 pounds.  Maternity clothes? Yep, but I can’t wait to wear normal clothes again!  I had to dress more professional than usual one day this week and this outfit is what I pulled together.  Surprisingly, nothing I’m wearing is maternity!  […]

DIY Fabric Garland for the Nursery

We’ve been checking off nursery projects like crazy lately.  One of my favorite projects that I finally completed was a DIY fabric garland for the nursery. Not only was this project super easy and cheap, but I LOVE the result!  It takes a large portion of wall space and it only cost about $20 to make.  Here are the supplies I used: 6 yards of fabric in various colors (look for a 50% sale at JoAnn!) rope or twine scissors I found Little Miss Momma’s tutorial to be the most helpful.  Depending on the fabric, I either ripped or cut long strips of fabric.  Most of the fabric was easy to rip, but, for whatever reason, some of it worked best if I cut it.  […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 30 Weeks 1

How far along? 30 weeks … can’t believe I’m already in the ‘thirties’! Baby Size & Stats: A squash, about 3 pounds How am I feeling? Tired, but good!  I had some pretty bad fatigue this week.  I also had lots of cramping/contractions yesterday so spent a lot of time trying to lie down.  I’ve had some acid reflux lately, too.  I feel sorry for people that deal with heartburn regularly!  It’s no fun.  Tums have been my best friend.  I also have low back pain if I do anything active during the day.  I bought a back support thing, so hopefully that helps!  Other than the fatigue and cramping, I’m feeling pretty darn good! Food/Cravings: No cravings anymore…my diet is pretty normal. Weight: 21.8 […]