DIY Fabric Garland for the Nursery

We’ve been checking off nursery projects like crazy lately.  One of my favorite projects that I finally completed was a DIY fabric garland for the nursery.

diy fabric garland

Not only was this project super easy and cheap, but I LOVE the result!  It takes a large portion of wall space and it only cost about $20 to make.  Here are the supplies I used:

  • 6 yards of fabric in various colors (look for a 50% sale at JoAnn!)
  • rope or twine
  • scissors

diy fabric garland 1

I found Little Miss Momma’s tutorial to be the most helpful.  Depending on the fabric, I either ripped or cut long strips of fabric.  Most of the fabric was easy to rip, but, for whatever reason, some of it worked best if I cut it. 

diy fabric garland 2

I set up camp in the kitchen using my kitchen cabinets as a base and just got to work tying my pieces on!  It took about an hour total (I didn’t do it all at once) to tie all the pieces on my craft rope.

Once I got it finished, I used monkey hooks like these to hang the garland (thanks to Little Miss Momma for the tip on these!).  You just stick them right into the drywall to hang lightweight items.  I painted the tips white to go with the nursery color theme.

nursery diy fabric garland

Isn’t it so pretty!  I’m not a super crafty person, so I’m really proud of this project.  Plus, I think the baby will really enjoy looking at the garland while he’s getting his diaper changed 1 million times a day. :)

blue fabric garland

blue nursery fabric garland

Another nursery project complete!  So excited to have this done and off our list.  And it really makes the room look like it’s coming together!

What DIY projects have you been doing lately?

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