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Thoughts at 37.5 Weeks 1

So, here we are.  I’m “full-term” according to some doctors and websites.  I could give birth any day over the next several weeks!  Here are some updates in bullet format: One of our dear friends lost their baby late last week.  She was 36 weeks pregnant – due just 3 days after I’m due.  This would have been their fifth child.  The news was a shock to everyone, obviously, and it made me appreciate the aches and pains of pregnancy a little bit more.  I can’t imagine what they must be going through but they seem to be taking it better than I would.  Life is precious. I’ve felt more at peace with this major life change over the past couple of days.  Maybe that […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 36 Weeks 5

How far along? 36 Weeks (shirt says ‘Good things come in large bellies’ … borrowed from a friend ) Baby Size & Stats: maybe 6 pounds by now! How am I feeling? Not bad.  I had more false labor almost daily through Tuesday of this week and then it tapered off.  I have major pelvic pressure now so I think the false labor was from him dropping.  The doc confirmed that he is head down and very low today so that’s great news! Food/Cravings: I’ve been pretty hungry this week, but no cravings out of the ordinary. Weight: 27 pounds Maternity clothes? I’m just wearing whatever feels comfortable and conceals the belly these days Sleep: Pretty good.  I keep waking up around 2 or 3 […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 35 Weeks 3

How far along? 35 Weeks Baby Size & Stats: Honeydew melon…over 5 pounds now How am I feeling? I do feel really great…but I’m having pretty bad false labor a couple of times per week.  Last night I was in so much pain, I almost couldn’t walk out of Target.  Once I got home and laid down, the paid subsided, which is the biggest indicator of false labor – when the pain/cramping/contractions go away when you lay down.  Real labor obviously doesn’t stop for anything.  So, I’m a little bummed.  I feel good enough to go about my daily activities (and even got in 2 awesome work outs at the beginning of the week) but my body is telling me to slow down.  So, I […]