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So, here we are.  I’m “full-term” according to some doctors and websites.  I could give birth any day over the next several weeks!  Here are some updates in bullet format:

  • One of our dear friends lost their baby late last week.  She was 36 weeks pregnant – due just 3 days after I’m due.  This would have been their fifth child.  The news was a shock to everyone, obviously, and it made me appreciate the aches and pains of pregnancy a little bit more.  I can’t imagine what they must be going through but they seem to be taking it better than I would.  Life is precious.
  • I’ve felt more at peace with this major life change over the past couple of days.  Maybe that means labor is coming soon? I can only hope.  We checked a ton of things off our to-do list a couple of weeks ago, and, ever since then, I’ve been mentally ready.  I’m ready for the pain and labor and sleepless nights (although still holding out hope that we’ll get a good sleeper).  I’m anxious and excited about breastfeeding and figuring it all out and trying my hardest to become really good at it.  I’m just ready. 
  • But I’m also at peace with the fact that I might still have a few more weeks of pregnancy.  These last few days with just Adam and Gracie are precious.  We’ve been reminiscing a lot about the early days of our relationship.  Seems like so long ago!  I’m so lucky that I ended up with the most AMAZING guy.  He treats me so well and totally babies me when I’m feeling crappy.  He’s doing to be the BEST dad!
  • We took a day trip to nearby Lawrence, KS today.  It’s a college town about 40 miles away.  Adam went to school there at KU and we make it up there a couple of times per year.  It was fun to take a day off and just hang out!  Here’s a pic I took on the drive there…very Kansas-y :)

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  • We both have been wanting new casual shoes for the summer.  Shoes that are comfy and provide support but are a little more stylish than plain old tennis shoes.  I’ve been eyeing some Sperry Topsider’s and Adam was up for anything.  We both found what we were looking for today!  He ended up getting some Vans – they are totally Adam’s style – and I ended up with some grey Sperry’s.  The Angelfish style?  Apparently, they’re popular.  Anyways, I usually buy cheap shoes/clothes instead of making an investment in good quality items, so splurging on these was pretty exciting.  I figure I’ll need more shoes like these (flat, comfy, slip-ons, stylish) since I’m about to be a Mom and all!  (Feet so swollen below..haha)
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  • We FINALLY finished the nursery a couple of weekends ago (original to-do list here…everything is done!).  I love it!  It is a very cute and calm and neutral room.  We built or DIYed almost everything in the room, so that’s fun.  But, honestly, I’m kind of over home décor and DIY at the moment.  I need a break from it.  I’ll probably get back into it maybe later this year.  My mind is just not with it these days.  But I’m still so happy we put so much effort and planning in our our little guy’s nursery!

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  • We had some maternity photos taken over the weekend.  One of my sister-in-law’s friends is a great photographer, so that worked out great.  I can’t wait to see them!  She is coming out again after the baby is born for a newborn session and I can’t wait to get some adorable shots of the baby and Gracie. :)
  • In a little twist of fate, we ended up with a new weight bench yesterday, complete with an Olympic barbell and a full tree of weight plates.  And a preacher curl bar!  My dad’s co-worker was selling the set for $175 (valued at around $400+) and we jumped on it.  My dad even went to pick it all up for us and deliver it to our house!  I feel like our home gym is practically complete now.  I’ve been wanting an Olympic bar and a bench for awhile now, so this worked out perfectly.  I can do tons of different moves with just the bar itself (including tons of legs and back moves) and I know Adam is excited to start benching again.


  • I’ve lifted pretty regularly most of my pregnancy, but have really tapered off over the past couple of weeks due to so much false labor and it’s just harder to move around anymore.  But a new weight bench and nearing the end of pregnancy has got me really motivated to get back into a good weight lifting and workout routine after I recover.  I just discovered Natalie Hodson’s blog this weekend and she is so inspiring to a pregnant lady/future mom like me!
  • Every time I have a major life event, I always question whether I want to continue blogging.  I don’t plan to write about our baby or future kids online anywhere and won’t share their names on the blog, which will be difficult over the next few months, since my mind will be consumed with my little baby.  Seeing kids all over social media and blogs seriously freaks me out.  I’m sure some people will say that’s the new parent in me, but I don’t know.  It’s not their choice to be plastered online from birth, right?  I’m sure I’ll share pics on Instagram and Facebook but I want to limit it.  But with excited grandparents and aunts and uncles, I know I won’t be able to fully keep him/future babes off of social media.  But I think limiting it is the best you can do.  Anyways, blogging is low on my priority list in life after family, health, friends, work, etc., so I guess I’ll just try to continue to fit it in where I can and see how it goes!
  • I’ll accept any good vibes and prayers for us over the next couple of weeks.  Who knows if I’ll be one of those lucky ones that goes into labor by 40 weeks or if I’ll be like most first-timers and go past my due date and have to be induced.  Let me tell you what, I will be doing ANYTHING I can (and I mean anything) to get labor going once I hit 39 weeks!

I think that’s it!  Happy Monday!

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