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10 Things That Helped Me Breastfeed for 13 Months While Working Full-Time 3

I wrote this in August 2015 and never got around to posting it, better late than never… A few weeks ago, I had my last nursing session with my son.  I breastfed him for a little over 13 months and it’s one of my biggest accomplishments of my life.  Maybe even my biggest accomplishment!  If you’ve ever breastfed or tried to, you know what I mean. I work full-time and commute 90 minutes to 2 hours every day.  It was tough to keep up with the physical demands of breastfeeding being away from my baby so much, but I was determined to make it work.  This is what helped me make it work: Supportive work environment.  I could not have been successful at breastfeeding (and […]

10 things breastfeeding working full time


2016 Goals & Resolutions Update 1

So, I realize I never posted an official ‘2016 goals’ post, but I did write some things down on January 1st that I had been thinking about for awhile.  I wrote them in my Day Designer planner (which I love, btw!). Now that we’re nearly 2 months into the year, I feel like I’m actually doing pretty good on my goals.  Its all about habits — breaking bad ones and making good ones.  So here’s how I’m doing! Take lunch to work & be active over my lunch hour.  Since I started my new job in September 2014, I have gotten into a horrible habit of going out to lunch ALL THE TIME.  A big part of it is that I’m now working closer to much […]