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On Saturday, 07.30.16, I got 2 glorious strong pink lines on a test.  Later that day, I was feeling so yucky that I decided to take this digital test and couldn’t believe it when, at just 10 DPO, I already got a positive on a digital test!

We are so happy.  I can’t believe our son is going to get a little brother or sister!

I’m so, so, so nervous, too.  We keep saying how much more nervous we are this time around, especially after last month.  When I got pregnant with my son, I never worried about losing the baby.  It was that wonderful first-pregnancy naivete.

I spotted once on Friday, the day before the positive test.  And very slightly today.  But none over the weekend.  And I wouldn’t even really call what it was ‘spotting’, so that’s good.  I definitely FEEL pregnant.  Very dizzy, nauseous and just a general feeling of being unwell.  Definitely the only time you’re ever happy about feeling sick.

I’m going to get my blood drawn tomorrow and again 48 hours later so we can make sure my levels are okay after my chemical pregnancy last month.  Praying my numbers are good and high!!!!!!!!!!!  We love you, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s been a really busy week at work so that has kept me really distracted.  Many times, I would sit at my desk at the end of a busy day when I finally had a moment to breathe and remember ‘oh yes, there is a new baby growing in there right now’ and it put the biggest smile on my face.  Such a dreamy, blissful time.

I had my blood drawn on Tuesday at 13 DPO and my HCG levels were 95 which was nice to hear.  I felt really bad on Tuesday of this week, but have felt relatively normal the rest of the week, so it’s nice to hear it confirmed by something other than a home pregnancy test.

It is SO MUCH DIFFERENT this time than it was with my son.  He keeps us so busy at home, I don’t have time to sit and google every thought and symptom.  It is crazy.  I am SO MUCH MORE EXCITED this time.  My husband is, too.  I can tell he is much more nervous, too.  With our son, we were so naive and assumed everything would be just fine once we got that first positive test.  This time, after parenting for 2 years and knowing just how deeply you fall in love with your baby…well, it’s just a different feeling.

I simply cannot wait to start to get to know this baby.  I cannot wait to start feeling those kicks and see how he or she likes to position themselves.  When I sit down to think about it, I am so excited.  A new life!!! Oh my gosh, how my heart bursts to even think about it.  I distinctly remember how my son wouldn’t really kick me sharply, but instead would do these long, drawn-out stretches.  Like he was trying to make more room for himself in there.  I wonder if the new baby will act the same or differently in the womb.  I remember looking at my flat (ish) stomach moments after I had my son and being a little sad that my buddy wasn’t with me at all times anymore.  Pregnancy is so hard, but it is so, so amazing to have your new best friend and the new love of your life with you at all times.

We haven’t told a soul about the baby yet.  The only person I’m dying to tell?  My son.  We have briefly mentioned it to him and, right after we did, he said 3 times in a row ‘mama have a little baby’, so we realized we better keep the secret a little while longer.  I want to get excited with him and jump up and down and say ‘you’re going to be a big brother!!!!’ and point to where the baby is growing in my tummy.  I can’t wait to hear his questions and see the curious look on his face when I describe it to him.  We will tell our families when I’m closer to 9-10 weeks, so around that time we will start sharing more with our son.  I guess I was technically 4 weeks yesterday (although I’m sure the doctor will change it after our first appointment), so only 5-6 more weeks to keep this secret with just my husband and God and then we will share the news with our families.  Last time, I was bursting at the seems to tell EVERYONE, but now I have such a contentedness with keeping it to myself.

I love you so, so much, baby.  <3


My second blood draw last week was perfect and my levels went up to 268 over 48 hours, so that is great news.  You’re hormone levels need to at least double every 48 hours to be a sign of a healthy, strong pregnancy.  My doctor was really happy with those results.  I had my first official pregnancy appointment with my OB yesterday and she was really excited for me.  We have our first ultrasound scheduled for August 31 — my 33rd birthday!!!  It will be such a fun thing to do to celebrate my birthday.  Praying the ultrasound goes well and we see a nice, strong heartbeat.

I wish I could be zen and calm during pregnancy, but I’m still the same person I always am, so it’s not like I can switch it off.  I’m just going to have to do my best to BREATHE and focus on activities that don’t create a lot of stress.

Nausea is definitely picking up. I’m trying to wait as long as possible to start my Diclegis prescription.  I have been told it makes you extremely tired, so I’m trying to hold off as long as possible.

Some exciting news from my appointment yesterday — apparently they do a blood test at 12 weeks now to check for genetic abnormalities that also can tell you the gender!!!  That is so exciting!!  I am sure we will do that.  I love knowing the gender early on. :)  Then we can start thinking about names and decorating!!! <3 <3 <3

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