My Plans for 2017


A new year!  The new year is always so exciting to me.  I love a fresh start.  I love hearing about everyone’s resolutions and (usually) making lots of my own.

This year I don’t necessarily have resolutions since having a baby will be the main focus.  My year will be divided into three seasons:

  1. The last third of my pregnancy: January through April
  2. Maternity Leave: April through June/July-ish
  3. Going back to work and settling into our new normal: August through December

With this being my second go around, I obviously know what to expect during these last months of pregnancy and those postpartum months.

I can tell you that postpartum scares me a LOT more than pregnancy.  Am I the only one that thinks those postpartum months/year are much harder than pregnancy?  Pregnancy is seriously a breeze in comparison.  No sleep, the stress of caring for a newborn, settling into breastfeeding, a healing body, maintaining normalcy for your toddler, maintaining some normalcy for yourself and your spouse, and, on top of all that, the whole postpartum mental game.  Dealing with all of those other things would be vastly easier if you didn’t feel crazy, anxious, depressed, and constantly hormonal for a year!  I’ve heard that it can be a lot better with each subsequent pregnancy (and the fact that I’m going to encapsulate my placenta should help).  So fingers crossed that 2nd and 3rd season of 2017 won’t be quite as bad as I fear it might.  The silver lining is getting to love on our sweet new baby boy! <3

Of course, my goals for the year center around those three seasons and bringing our new baby into the world:

  1. Continue to be an awesome pregnant lady and hopefully carry this babe full-term to 39-40 weeks, at least!  Who am I kidding, I’ll probably go overdue just like last time. :)
  2. Mentally prepare for and educate myself on natural birth, assuming no complications.  Then, have that natural birth.  :)
  3. Breastfeed.  I made it 13.5 months with my first son, so I’m aiming for at least another year with this little guy, but would love to last a little longer this time around!  Especially since it will likely be my last time breastfeeding.
  4. Continue to practice mindful parenting and ENDLESS patience and love with my toddler as he goes through his first major life change of becoming a big brother.
  5. Seek help if going back to work causes as much mental anguish as it did with my first son.

Non-baby goals:

  1. Be active every day whether it’s walking or yoga stretches or a DIY project or going to the gym.  I have recently developed SPD, a condition in pregnancy that causes large amounts of pelvic pain (something I didn’t have with my first son), so I am sad to say I will have to back off on the walking and amp up my yoga, stretching, and light weightlifting.
  2. Mindfully cut back on sugar.  I’ve learned over the years that you cannot cut out food groups completely, but our sugar intake has gotten kind of out of control around here.  So, lately I’ve been trying to be more mindful about how much sugar I’m indulging in.  I’ve switching to whole milk and stevia in my decaf coffee, and that’s been a big change for me (love me some Salted Caramel Mochas from Starbucks!).  I don’t want to aim to revamp my whole life and cut out sugar altogether (that would be depressing!), but just be more mindful of our intake.  Just  having that thought in the back of my mind helps me so much.  It works so much better for me than complete restriction.

What are your goals/resolutions for the year?  I love hearing others’ goals!

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