2016 in Review!



  • finding out we were expecting our 2nd little boy!
  • a healthy pregnancy
  • celebrating our son’s 2nd birthday in May
  • building our son a rock box in our backyard which is still a huge hit
  • our son becoming more comfortable at the pool and becoming very brave — he is a little fish now!
  • family trip to Arizona (our son’s 2nd plane ride — he did awesome!)
  • very few colds for our toddler and a very healthy second half of the year for him!
  • celebrating our FIFTH wedding anniversary!
  • Adam and I having regular lunch dates when we are both working downtown
  • signing up for a family membership to a nearby rec center
  • countless family walks/hikes and encouraging our son’s love of being active (as seen in the picture above)
  • increasing communication with our toddler is so amazing!  inside jokes and full conversations!! <3
  • greatly improved sleep and lower anxiety for me (need to write a post on this)
  • setting up our baby’s nursery (we are basically already ready!)
  • visiting Thomas the Train, Royal’s games, parades, Old Settler’s Day, day at Gardner lake, day(s) at Crown Center
  • many car/train/touch-a-truck events
  • figuring out the right ways to maintain my son’s eczema (greatly improved!)
  • having our entryway re-painted (post coming)
  • Adam stained the deck and put composite stairs in
  • insulating the basement
  • re-doing our master bedroom (extremely long post drafted and coming soon)
  • Pizza Friday’s
  • celebrating our dog Gracie’s 4th birthday (she will be 5 in just a few weeks!)
  • Adam and I got to go to Vegas for 2 days on our own!
  • good, productive years at work for both Adam and me and favorable pay raises
  • 2 bonuses at work for both Adam and me!
  • cutting out TV/devices at home completely for our toddler — hard at first, but now life is so much easier without the screens!


  • three stomach bugs in the early part of the year
  • staph infection for our son
  • navigating toddler meltdowns
  • chemical pregnancy during the summer
  • having our credit card information stolen
  • a very nauseous and a little scary first trimester of pregnancy
  • SPD developing in this pregnancy
  • getting pink eye in Arizona!

How I did on my 2016 goals:

  1. Take lunch to work & be active over my lunch hour.  IMPROVED.
  2. Meal plan. FAILED.
  3. Read more books.  FAILED MISERABLY.  I think I read 1 or 2 actual books.
  4. Practice meditation/mindfulness. PASS (at least on the mindfulness/calm)! Much more mindful and calm these days.
  5. Work out every day.  NO CHANGE.  Still about the same as before, which isn’t horrible.
  6. Be present when parenting.  PASS!  Feeling so good about parenting these days. <3
  7. Less Phone time/More reading and playing.  PASS.
  8. Church/prayer. FAILED.  Made it to Easter and Christmas Eve Mass though, LOL.
  9. Mint/budgeting. FAILED MISERABLY
  10. Practice good sleep hygiene.  PASS, PASS, PASS!  Praise the Lord.  Seriously.
  11. Learn to deal with toxic people.  SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT.  Still needs work.

I’m extremely happy with how 2016 went!

How did 2016 go for you?

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