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I’ve mentioned in several posts that I’m working to re-do our master bedroom.  Re-do isn’t really the right word…rather, I’m fixing all of the mistakes I made when we first moved in and thought I was a designer and could make bold choice.  *purple accent walls* cough *yellow gold curtains* cough cough

I cringed every time I walked into our master bedroom and knew it was one of the first rooms I really needed to put some work into and make it over in a way that I really loved.  I pinned SO MANY pictures on my Master Bedroom Pinterest board (and still pinning to this day!).  It’s one of my favorite time-killing hobbies. :)  But, a designer I am NOT, so it takes a ton of visual inspiration for me to make my choices.  And even then I probably don’t usually make the right choice the first time.

But since we moved into this huge house from a small apartment (coming up on 5 years ago now!), it has taken me a lot of time to add nice pieces of furniture to each room.  Nice furniture is expensive!  It takes us a lot of time to pick out items, consider our budget and then pull the trigger.


One of the first things we did to this room after we determined the purple/gold/ick color scheme wasn’t working for us, was PAINT.  I love paint!!!  It changed the entire room.  Since this is a huge room, we had to buy a 5-gallon bucket, but we lucked out and got it when The Home Depot was running a deal on 5-gallon buckets of Behr paint.  The color is Natural Cream by Benjamin Moore.

I wanted a creamy, calm, neutral paint color and I love this color. It is hard to get it just right in the pictures, but it doesn’t lean too yellow or blue.  It’s just perfectly in the middle.  Definitely recommend this color!

We painted in September 2015 (a long time ago – ha!) and around that same time we purchased new cream colored black out curtains.  The curtains are the Nadya Single Curtain Panel by Eclipse in Linen color in the 95 inch length. They do a great job of blocking out light, especially for being such a light color of fabric.  I love these curtains!  I really love the grommet versus curtain clips, as well.  We hung them much higher than we had our old yellow gold curtains which really made that entire wall look grand!  You can see our old curtain set-up in the picture below….YUCK!


Oh well, live and learn.  Ugh, looking at that picture still makes me cringe. :)

I should probably talk about the bed switch-a-roos before I go into the rest of the room.  I have bought three, yes, THREE beds for this room since we moved in.  You can see the original white upholstered bed in the purple/gold picture above.

Bed #1 was cute and all but it was 1) a piece of crap and you could see where the headboard ended behind the pillows and 2) was way too small for such a huge bedroom.  Oh, the mistakes I made when we first moved into this big house!

Here’s the link to bed #1 (slightly different shaped headboard now).  It was very low-quality.  I see these beds all over Joss and Main and Wayfair and they are just…not good.  Luckily I was able to sell the bed on Craig’s List for a couple hundred dollars which isn’t much more than I paid for it, so it wasn’t a total loss.

We lived with that bed for about 4 years before I started the search for the next bed.  I knew I wanted something solid that incorporated both wood and upholstery.  I love that look.  I thought I had found the perfect bed #2 (link here) but shortly after we assembled it, I knew it was not right.


The upholstery looked much more yellow in person than the cream color shown on the website.  I was disappointed but tried to get used to it.  After awhile, I finally realized it would not work and decided to flip it on Craig’s List.

The current price shown on Wayfair hovers around $1,400, but they must have had overstock when I bought it because I got it for much, MUCH less than that.  And I was able to flip it for a $200 profit on Craig’s List after 3 months of owning it.  So, I figured it was a win-win situation.  The girl I sold it to got a seriously high-quality, solid wood, basically brand-new bed for considerably lower than what the retail price was and I earned some cash to buy a(NOTHER) new bed.

So, I’m sure you can guess which bed I settled on for bed #3 then, huh?


Bed #3 is the winner!  I bought it from Joss & Main on sale, but it looks like it’s sold out there now.  This ivory and cream wood/upholstered bed is AMAZING.  First of all, it is huge, so it fits well in our huge master bedroom.  Second of all, it’s extremely high-quality.  It is so heavy and solid wood.  And the upholstery is much creamier than the yellow upholstery of bed #2.  It is seriously beautiful!!  I did so much research on this bed before I pulled the trigger because I did not want another failed bed purchase.  And I’m pretty sure my husband would not approved a fourth bed anyway.  Ha!

So, bed #3 was the winner.  It only took 4 years to figure that out.  :)

(P.S. Dear Lillie just posted that she purchased the same bed for her daughter’s room!  I love her style, so this makes me love this bed even more.  And I love how she styled it.)

Looking out from our bed, you can see I added a huge floor length mirror.  I don’t think I need to say that this room is huge again, but that’s the main reason I bought this mirror.  I wanted huge pieces to fill up the space.  One of my biggest design pet peeves is small items used to decorate big spaces.


This mirror was the perfect size to fill up that empty wall.  It is from Kirkland’s and measures a whopping 46″ x 76″.  So huge.  I somehow managed to carry it upstairs by myself because I was so excited.  It looks like they don’t carry the exact style anymore (this one is espresso without all that decorative molding or beading…nice and simple), but I got it on like a half-off sale for $87!  I was and still am so pumped about this purchase because I could not find any mirror even close to that size that wasn’t in the $700-$1,000 price range (yikes!).  So, yes, $87 is a huge win in my book. :)  (And, yes, it is is anchored and toddler-proofed.)


In the front corner of our bedroom, we have a little sitting area.  When we first moved in, we kept our futon here for a long time. LOL.  I feel like we had some dorm-room style going on in here for awhile before we were able to buy new furniture, huh?


I debated for a long time on what to put in this corner.  A huge arm chair and ottoman or a couch?  I couldn’t decide.  I finally decided I wanted a huge cozy couch that was extra deep.  I almost went with the The Lounge couch at Crate and Barrel since it is 46 inches deep.  But I just couldn’t ever justify the $1800 price tag.  And then we went to see it in person and it was not very impressive.  Our search continued.

We finally took a day off work and went to Nebraska Furniture Mart — a big furniture store in Kansas City.  We found the perfect couch for a fraction of what we were looking to pay at Crate and Barrel.


It is the Calista couch by Jonathan Lewis in taupe color.  So pretty and comfortable!  And I love the color.  The microfiber fabric is sooooo soft.  And I think we were able to get it for around $600…considerably less than what we would have paid at Crate and Barrel and I love this couch SO much more!  #win


It is 40 inches deep which is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  And, as you can see, it fits perfectly in this little nook.

The best part about this couch is that no dogs are allowed on it and it is generally free of toddlers, too. :)  We just don’t seem to hang out in this part of the house very often with our son, so it’s basically a mommy/daddy only zone.  It is the perfect place to Wine and Bachelor on Monday nights!!  (Is anyone else not really excited about Nick being the bachelor this season??)


As you can see, I still really need to get some artwork to hang in this space and that is definitely one of my house goals for 2017.  I just can’t decide what to put there!  Something neutral and pretty and calming, of course.  And it will have to be over-sized since the space above that couch is so huge and over-sized art is just not cheap.  Hmmm…maybe a DIY project.

And I love that little rose gold table that I scored from Target!  It was like 70% off so only about $20.  And I think it looks so sleek.  Perfect for drinks and books.  I would love to add a larger ottoman or poofs here for our feet, but for now, this works.


I kept my super old cherry chest of drawers in this room, but I did upgrade the hardware to some that I found on eBay.  It was originally gold and I sprayed it oil-rubbed bronze.  It was a cheap upgrade and it will work for now.  I have considered painting that chest of drawers a million times but it has a huge piece of lacquer on top of it and I’m not really sure how I can paint over that.  For now, it works!  I think the hardware upgrade was a nice improvement!  You can see the old gaudy gold hardware on a smaller matching nightstand in the picture below.


The TV is mounted on the best mount ever that swings both ways so you can watch from the bed or the couch.  Or you can just push it back in place so it’s flush with the wall.  We’ve had this mount since we moved in, so it is still going strong almost 5 years later!  We also got rid of our cable box in this room and switched to a Roku, so there are no cords since you can put the Roku in a drawer and it still works.  I love having all of the boxes out of sight!  So much cleaner looking.  Adam DIYed the cords behind the wall right after we moved in, as well.  We couldn’t stand having any cords hanging down.


So there ya have it!  Our master bedroom re-do!  It is a nice base now so I can start adding little things like more art and a BIT of light colors.  I love the neutral look though, so I won’t add much color at all.  I am thinking just a few instances of light pink will look nice.  I don’t love the color of our lamps so I think I will spray paint those next summer after the baby is born.


And this post would not be complete without some very satisfying before and after shots.  Here is a side-by-side before and after looking at our bed.


And another side-by-side of the sitting area.  So much better!

master-sitting-room-before-afterI feel really good about our master bedroom!  It has the big components added and now I can just fill in small things (which, honestly, is the hardest part for me!).  Here are some things I’m thinking to finish off this room:

  • big art over the sitting area couch
  • paint or replace the chest of drawers
  • add a chair next to the floor mirror
  • add art or hooks next to the mirror/future chair
  • still debating on if I want a bench at the end of the bed or not — there is still a lot of empty space in this room, so it may fill up the room a little better
  • mirrors behind the nightstands — I don’t think I’m going to add art above the bed since I prefer that space to be open and not cluttered
  • different accent pillows for the bed
  • paint the lamps
  • replace the black sound machine on the nightstand with a white one
  • remove the alarm panel from our outdated alarm system (we use a different system now)
  • poofs or ottoman in front of the couch for our feet to rest on!

I really like to focus on one room each year.  Of course, 2016 was mostly focused on the master bedroom.  For 2017, we are going to focus on the sitting room (used to be the dining room) on our main level.  It’s the first room you see when you walk into our house and it’s a mess.  I’ll have to share pictures and plans for that soon.

There ya have it!  If you’ve made it to the end of this post, thanks so much for reading!  I hope you love our master bedroom as much as we do.

*aff links are used in this post*

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5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Progress in 2016

  • Kate Evans

    Hello Amber, I liked natural master bedroom decoration. You have a beautiful home with awesome furniture. You have shared such an amazing pictures of your home. I loved this blog. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

  • Kim

    Your master bedroom is beautiful! It looks so relaxing. The couch fits perfectly and is such a classic. Use chalk paint in a white to paint the dresser. You won’t have to sand or prime. Just paint it on, going in the direction of the wood. 3 coats should do it. Then seal it with polyacrylic. You can use wax to seal it, but that has to be repeated every 6 months. So I use polyacrylic instead and it only has to be done once. Read up about on Pinterest. Also, I noticed that your curtain’s look skimpy. To get the full look save toilet paper and paper towel card board tubes. Then, cut your toilet paper tubes in half..and make a slit across the bottom. Now you can slip it over the rod. Put one between each curtain fold. I would spray paint the lamps silver, as it really looks great with the neutral colors you used. That was a steal on the floor length mirror!! I would tape off the mirror and spray paint it white. Also, put toss pillows on the couch. Some silver and some white. I hope these tips help you. I can’t wait to see the room progress.