Sitting Room Plans for 2017

I mentioned in my last post that I usually like to focus on one room every year and make it over and presentable.  It’s a fun hobby of mine and a nice overall house goal to always have in the back of my mind.  This year, our makeover room is our front sitting room…here it is in all its glory!

Sitting Room Before


This is the first room any visitor will see when they come in the front door, so I’d like it to look presentable and welcoming. This room is technically a dining room, but we currently don’t have much of a need for a dining room.  So we are keeping it as a sitting room and making it useable and comfortable.  Right now, it is literally our dog’s room.  She spends a lot of time on that brown couch (so it’s covered in fur and you can’t sit on it most of the time unless it’s freshly vacuumed) and laying in front of the window while doing her neighborhood watch.

It may not look THAT bad, but it is a super uncomfortable room since the only place to sit is the brown couch that is usually un-sittable (due to the dog fur sitch).  I also have a desk/chair in here that I bought to work from home, but I hardly ever use this desk.  We are planning to move it upstairs in one of our guest bedrooms.

Sitting Room Before 3

So, now that we have decided we want this room to be a sitting room, what do we want to put in it?  Well…

I had already decided what chairs I wanted if we did go with a sitting room.  The chairs we had picked out were the Turner Grand Arm Chair from Pottery Barn in the Burnished Saddle color.  And they are a SPLURGE.  Like the biggest furniture splurge — or really biggest material object splurge aside from a car — that we’ve ever considered.

However, when I first saw this chair, I fell in love it immediately!  I never feel that way about furniture.  I mean…it’s furniture, come on.  I usually like what I pick out, but this chair…this chair I LOVED.  So that was swaying my decision a bit, as well, to go with a sitting room over a dining room.  Going with a dining room set/chairs would have been considerably cheaper, but leather chairs will last literally a lifetime.  And they won’t collect fur like upholstered furniture!  I REALLY wanted something we could lounge in that wouldn’t be constantly covered in dog fur.  Win, win.

So right now our plan is to add 2 of the Turner chairs with the square arm plus an ottoman with each chair on the back wall, where the brown couch is currently sitting.  That will take up a good majority of the space of the room and I want those chairs to be the focus anyway.

Between the 2 chairs, I want to add a large round pedestal table for a lamp, books and drinks.  I also want to have a place for Gracie to lounge since she won’t be allowed on the leather (sorry, honey, but not gonna let you poke holes in these chairs!).  I want her to be comfy, too!  So, I’m planning to buy a small curved settee for the corner where the desk currently is.  It can be additional seating when guests come over (after a good vacuuming, of course) but it will mostly just be a nice visual feature in that corner as well as a place for Gracie to lounge.  And because it’s mostly for looks and doggie lounging, I don’t want to spend too much on this settee.  A couple hundred dollars, at most.

These are the 2 options I’ve been toying with.  Since putting these pictures together, I’ve found a few more settee options, but, overall, this is the look I’m going for.


I really like both options and I think the second settee (the deconstructed look) looks really nice with the 2 leather chairs.  Still debating…

I have an idea for a small bookcase/desk combo on the other empty wall (the one right next to the plant and where the brown ottoman currently sits in the below picture), but I’m still looking into some options for that.  (Currently leaning towards the Sawyer Leaning Desk in Mocha from Crate & Barrel.)

Sitting Room Before 2

Outside of furniture, we are painting (of course).  We are going with a dark navy color and I’m still deciding if I just want to paint the upper area above the wainscoting navy or just paint the entire room (molding and all) navy as well.  It’s a small room, so we can always play around with it.  We’re also going to change out the light fixture for a flush mount drum shade that will look more sitting-room-esque and less ‘hey, this room used to be a dining room!’.

I’m leaning towards adding long shelves above the chairs for books, so it will have a library/reading nook feel.  Something like this (from A Cup of Jo)…


So, those are our plans right now!  I’m always pinning new ideas on my Pinterest board.  Can’t wait to see this room come together as a presentable room in 2017!  And I really can’t wait to lounge in those leather chairs (justtttttt waiting on a coupon from you, Pottery Barn).

Side note: You’d think with a baby due in a few months that we’d be working on a nursery, but we’re actually done with the new nursery!  We did purchase a glider recliner and changing table, but that’s it.  And I kept those items pretty cheap.  We aren’t making it into an actual nursery because we know function trumps design those first few months with a baby.  We are keeping a bed in that room and borrowed a crib from a friend since our son is still in his crib (and I plan to keep him there until he’s closer to 3.5, at which point we can put his crib in the new baby’s room and transition it to a ‘pretty’ nursery.)  I think I’ll focus on the boys’ rooms in 2018 when my older son can be more involved in transitioning to a big boy room and the nursery changes from a battleground to an actual baby’s room.  :)

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