Thoughts at 32 Weeks & More on Natural Birth Prep

IMG_0427Somehow I’m 32 weeks pregnant!

I am becoming more and more excited to meet this little boy inside of me.  I keep picturing the moment they put his fresh, slimy body on my skin and telling him ‘we did it!’. I can’t wait to love him.

Pregnancy is going well, thank God.  Normal aches and pains, but nothing terrible.  My toddler still steals the spotlight every day over this pregnancy.  :)

I have been preparing for natural birth like a mad woman and, honestly, I think I’m as ready as I can be.  I feel confident that my body was made to give birth naturally.  I feel confident that I’ll find a rhythm to cope with the pain.  I feel confident that my labor will be a tough, but wonderful, experience.

I read natural birth stories and tips constantly.  I listen to all the episodes of The Birth Hour.  I’m reading Ina May Gaskin’s books.  I’m taking vitamin C and collagen to strengthen my bag of waters so I can labor naturally longer (damn you, Group B Strep).

When I have a prolonged cramp or pain or Braxton Hicks contraction, I practice my laboring techniques (and this gives me the most confidence I can do this whole thing, honestly!).  It’s your body’s natural reaction to tense up to pain.  But the moment I tell my body to relax and release my muscles and deep breathe through the sensation, the ‘pain’ truly does lessen immensely, if not completely.  It’s really amazing what your mind can do!  This is all mind over matter.

I switched from the OB group to the midwife group at my women’s healthcare group.  I am so happy I did.  The midwives are just so much more on my level than the OBs were.  But, it’s nice, because, if there was an emergency, the on-call OB in my practice can come perform a C-section if absolutely necessary.

My bump is measuring 2 weeks ‘ahead’ as of today, but the midwife said that was super common with 2nd and later pregnancies.  I’m mentally planning to go to 41 weeks with this pregnancy.  I really haven’t even told anyone my technical due date.  For so many reasons.  One…once your due date hits, everyone’s like ‘where’s your baby?!!?  Aren’t you getting induced?!!?’.  So, yeah I don’t want to deal with that.  And two…my due date has changed (or been estimated) differently 3 different times.  So, who knows when it really is!  Baby will come when he’s ready!  (Fun fact: I’ve read that the baby’s lungs will release a hormone that triggers labor when they’re mature enough for the real world!)

I am so enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy and my time with my first baby boy.  I know I’ll be more and more ready as the weeks progress, but right now we’re in a really awesome place!

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