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I shared our baby boy’s birth story on my personal Instragram account a few weeks ago and thought I would post it here, as well.  From here on out, I’ll refer to my older son as Big Bro and my younger son as Lil Bro.  :)

Our son was born April 18, 2017 at 5:54am. Here’s his story!

After 4 nights of prodromal/early labor, active labor started at 10pm on Monday, April 17th — 5 days past his due date.

After 4 nights of off and on contractions, I was still in denial when contractions became more regular and intense. I was mainly annoyed that I couldn’t sleep or get comfortable!

I was so annoyed that I told my husband we should just go to the hospital so they could give me an epidural so I could at least sleep until active labor started. That should have been our first sign that active labor WAS indeed starting because I had been mentally preparing to have a natural labor for 6 months and was already talking about an epidural, ha!

Around 11pm, we decided to time contractions as I could not get comfortable and they would not go away.

Over the past 4 days I had been breathing through each contraction, but now I was having to vocalize during each contraction. That helped and I was still able to manage the pain at this point! Around midnight, we called the midwife, my doula, and my husband’s mom since she was coming to stay with our older son.

Contractions were between 2-4 minutes apart. I was able to just lean over our kitchen island and sway for each contraction, although in the back of my mind I knew they were starting to get to a place that I was having trouble managing. Shortly after this, I was unable to really communicate so things were definitely intense and progressing fast! In hindsight, I should have continued the leaning and swaying at the hospital…


My husband’s mom arrived at 12:40 and we couldn’t get on the road fast enough. I was partly still in denial that this was “it”, but was also in so much constant pain that I was not really able to think clearly.

I tried to get in our car and I couldn’t physically get in the car. Sitting down was not an option. We finally got me in the car in the passenger seat on my knees leaning backwards over the seat. I rode this way the entire 20 minute drive to the hospital. It was pretty much unbearable pain the entire ride. All the bumps…😭😭😭

I remember thinking we should still be timing the contractions on the drive there even though they were clearly coming quickly and regularly. I was so happy it was nearly 1AM and there was no traffic, because I really don’t think I could have handled having to slow for traffic.

Contractions seemed out of control when we pulled into the hospital parking lot but had spaced out by the time we walked into the hospital, which I knew was a possibility. The lady wheeling me to triage was probably laughing to herself thinking there was no way I was in active labor.

But once I was in triage and they tried to check my dilation, I lost it. Just like in the movies, 😂😂.

The nurse said “I think you’re an 8!”.



I walked into the hospital dilated to a freaking 8. How awesome am I?!

I flipped over to lean over the back of the bed since that’s the only way that slightly lessened my pain. Immediately, nurses flooded into the triage room and started rushing me to a delivery room. I remember feeling like they were pushing my bed so fast…they must have thought our baby was going to be born any second. 😂😂.

My water broke on the way to the delivery room and I heard someone shout “she just walked in at an 8!”.

I did feel pretty badass in that moment, knowing I had dilated so far on my own at home and so quickly! Active labor had just started 3 hours ago! And although I felt pretty awesome, that’s when the fear set in. Contractions were one thing, but pushing a baby out unmedicated? Yikes.

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I requested to get in the tub right after they monitored baby for 20 minutes and ran my antibiotics for group b. Everything I had read and heard was that the tub was EVERYTHING. It supposedly eases a lot of pain. So that was my plan all along — to get in the tub when I was progressed enough that it wouldn’t slow my progress.

Guess what?

I hated the tub.

It was NOT for me.

The tub did not help and I could not get comfortable.

Again, looking back, I should have stayed upright and maintained that leaning and swaying that helped me so much at home. The contractions were so intense and, although I wasn’t vocalizing really at all anymore, I could not tolerate the pain. I definitely let the fear take over and maybe if I had been in a different mindset, I could have tolerated them better. I was also getting extremely nauseous with each contraction and I just don’t do nausea. I was able to inhale rubbing alcohol which did help a bit.

I wanted to escape so badly and I knew the only way I could escape the situation other than delivering was with an epidural. I started asking for the epidural pretty much the minute I got in the tub. I had had 4 days of early labor and gotten to a dilation of 9 all on my own, so I was proud of what I did naturally. I mainly wanted to avoid getting pitocin, but since I was so far progressed, my body was doing all the work on its own and I likely would not need any pitocin anyway.

I pushed through contractions until 3:45am when the epidural was finally placed. So yes…you can get an epidural even if you are dilated to a 10! You just have to hold still for the placement, which, I will admit, was damn near impossible, ha!

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Sweet, sweet relief of the epidural. I was pretty much giddy once I couldn’t feel the contractions anymore.

The midwife said I was still at a 9 and this would be a perfect time to rest before I had to push.

They turned off the lights and left Adam and me alone and we were able to rest from about 4:30-5:30. I was even able to doze off a bit which was AMAZING. I remember saying before I got the epidural, “I just want to take a nap”. 😂 So I got my wish! And I needed the rest to push out my babe!

At 5:30am, my midwife checked me and said I was fully dilated and the baby had descended quite a bit. It was time to push and meet my buddy that had shared my body for the past 9 months!

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I started pushing just before 5:40am and by 5:54am, my baby had arrived!

And after hearing he was 9 lb 9 oz with a 15 inch head, I am beyond happy I got the epidural. Who knows what would have happened if I had pushed naturally. I think the epidural was the perfect choice for me. And it was only placed for 2 hours, versus nearly all day with my first birth.

My baby was placed on my chest immediately after he was born and it was the most amazing, wonderful, sweet moment of my life. I will never forget his wet, squishy body the moment he was born. He got to hear my voice the first few seconds he was born. We got to meet each other right away and get to know each other after sharing a body for 9 months. He cried loud and strong right away.

My entire pregnancy, I knew that all I wanted was my baby on my chest the moment he was born and that’s what I got. I was able to nurse him about 60 minutes after he was born. Sweetest moments.

I thank God that he made us so healthy and strong so we could experience those first moments together. What a gift. It was truly the perfect birth experience. I am so thankful for my precious baby boy and his safe and healthy entry into this world.

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