7 Months In: Life With 2 Kids

We are nearing lil bro’s 6-month birthday (whaaa?!)  (side note: he’s now just over 7 months old, so clearly I didn’t get around to posting this timely!).

So we can officially say we’ve been parenting 2 kids for over half a year!  Biggest accomplishment of our lives?  Yes.  Definitely, yes.

We have definitely settled into a routine which is helpful for my sanity.  Lil bro generally takes 2-3 naps a day (depending on their length) and I usually nurse him 5 times a day (sometimes up to 7 depending on his mood/growth spurts/illnesses/teething).  Lil bro now sleeps in a sleep sack in his crib on his tummy which is a major new development after he slept tightly swaddled in the swing for the first 6 months of his life!  Ha.

Lil bro’s longest wake time of the day is between 5pm-8:00ish (give or take, depending on the day) and we generally use that time to get out of the house.  Our dog, Gracie, had knee surgery 8 weeks ago, so we have had to take her on a short leash walk every night so she can go to the bathroom.  Other outings usually include Target, pizza, ice cream, or Lowe’s.  :)  We are a typical suburban family, huh?

Breastfeeding has gone great this time around, just like it did with big bro.  This is such a sweet time of nursing because it’s easy and you can enjoy relaxing and bonding with your baby during this time.  It doesn’t hurt anymore and everything is well-established.  I am really savoring this time because I know what is looming — TEETHING.  Teething is what nearly ended my breastfeeding relationship with big bro because he kept biting.  So, I hope teething goes easier on both me and lil bro.  Although, I’m a parent, so I’m realistic and practical and I know it will be a battle.  LOL.

One thing I have realized is how easy one kid is.  It’s hard when you’re in it and that’s all you know, but, man, I did not realize how nice it was to tag team with my husband and get a free night when my husband would put big bro to bed.  Now, it’s man-on-man in our house, so neither of us gets much time off.  My husband generally puts big bro to bed and I put lil bro to bed.  Every night.  I do get 15 minutes off each night before bedtime to take a shower.  That is a non-negotiable for me and my husband is well aware of that.  I have to get a shower.  So we have found a way to get my shower into our nightly schedule.  Usually big bro will watch an episode of Paw Patrol while my husband plays with lil bro while I’m in the shower.  It has worked out great so far.  Side note: big bro never really watched much TV before lil bro came along.  Now he gets a show every night!  Life with 2 kids. :)

We changed our childcare situation significantly after my maternity leave.  I’m not going to post the details here for various reasons, but I will say that it was the best decision we ever made.  Childcare is just about the most stressful thing about being a working mom.  It is so hard to decide who to let spend that precious time with your babies.

Other than caring for our kids, which I feel like we’re doing a pretty awesome job of, the rest of our life is pretty much chaos.  Ha!  I work out sporadically (like 3 times a month, maybe), our house is a disaster, and my husband and I have very little time for each other or any other hobbies.  But, man, our hearts are full.  So cliche, but so true.  I spent literally the entire weekend with lil bro sleeping on my chest.  I was going pretty darn stir crazy by the time Sunday evening rolled around, but I was still savoring every second.  I want to bottle up that feeling of a limp, warm, heavy baby sleeping on my chest.  <3

What a weird, crazy, full, amazing time of life this is!

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