About Amber

Hi, I'm Amber! I live in Kansas City with my family. I am a working mom trying to do it all. I love iMessaging, teasing my husband, working out sporadically, Friends episode on Netflix, and smothering my baby boy with kisses. email me at anytime!

2018 Goals Check-In!

My main goal of 2018 was to be active every day and so far so good!  Of course, there have been a few days sprinkled here and there where I wasn’t as active as I would have liked, but, overall, there has been tons of progress here!  yay!  I have worked out several days a week for the entire year so far. I am focusing mainly on lifting weights right now.  I only aim to do cardio 1 or 2 times per week.  My cardio is always running.  I run for 20 minutes and call it good.  These small goals and short workout sessions have totally been keeping me on track.  If I knew I had to fit in an hour workout (plus half hour […]


2018 Goals and Plans 1

Another new year!  Woohoo!  I love a fresh year.  2017 was AMAZING since we welcomed our new baby boy to our family.  I will remember 2017 as one of my favorite years ever.  Challenging, yes; but full of snuggles and kisses and hugs and baby giggles.  Nothing sweeter. Looking back on my 2017 goals and plans, I pretty much dominated there.    Well, except for those be active daily and cut back on sugar goals.  But everything else I completed and if I haven’t completed them yet (breastfeeding!), it’s going super well. I don’t have many personal goals for 2018, other than mostly to just survive (#parenting).  But I have been thinking about this and these are my 2 major personal goals for next year: […]

On Sleep Training 3

We are on day 7 of sleep training our nearly 8 month old and I thought I would write out some thoughts on the whole process since it’s pretty much consumed my brain for the last month. I wrote a post about no-cry sleep training tips after my first son was sleeping through the night.  Looking back at it now, I realize how ridiculous it sounds.  Big bro learned how to become an amazing sleeper once he found his thumb and we just got lucky with him.  Sure, we gave him the opportunity to go to sleep on his own (which, if you’re a mom, you know how hard that first step is), but he did the majority of the work and saved me from […]


7 Months In: Life With 2 Kids

We are nearing lil bro’s 6-month birthday (whaaa?!)  (side note: he’s now just over 7 months old, so clearly I didn’t get around to posting this timely!). So we can officially say we’ve been parenting 2 kids for over half a year!  Biggest accomplishment of our lives?  Yes.  Definitely, yes. We have definitely settled into a routine which is helpful for my sanity.  Lil bro generally takes 2-3 naps a day (depending on their length) and I usually nurse him 5 times a day (sometimes up to 7 depending on his mood/growth spurts/illnesses/teething).  Lil bro now sleeps in a sleep sack in his crib on his tummy which is a major new development after he slept tightly swaddled in the swing for the first 6 months of his life! […]

Maternity Leave Recap

I went back to work 7 weeks ago and it already feels like maternity leave was so long ago!  The time really flies. I took 12 weeks off for maternity leave.  My husband took a month off and that first month with all of us home as a family of 4 was so much fun! We spent our first week at home just adjusting to our new normal.  Or our new chaos, actually. We took turns napping with the baby and trying to keep our older son entertained.  We did start taking him back to daycare a few days a week after our baby was about a week old.  My mother-in-law is a saint and helped us out SO much during this time.  She came over nearly […]



Baby Boy’s Birth Story 1

I shared our baby boy’s birth story on my personal Instragram account a few weeks ago and thought I would post it here, as well.  From here on out, I’ll refer to my older son as Big Bro and my younger son as Lil Bro.   Our son was born April 18, 2017 at 5:54am. Here’s his story! After 4 nights of prodromal/early labor, active labor started at 10pm on Monday, April 17th — 5 days past his due date. After 4 nights of off and on contractions, I was still in denial when contractions became more regular and intense. I was mainly annoyed that I couldn’t sleep or get comfortable! I was so annoyed that I told my husband we should just go to the hospital […]

Thoughts at 32 Weeks & More on Natural Birth Prep

Somehow I’m 32 weeks pregnant! I am becoming more and more excited to meet this little boy inside of me.  I keep picturing the moment they put his fresh, slimy body on my skin and telling him ‘we did it!’. I can’t wait to love him. Pregnancy is going well, thank God.  Normal aches and pains, but nothing terrible.  My toddler still steals the spotlight every day over this pregnancy.   I have been preparing for natural birth like a mad woman and, honestly, I think I’m as ready as I can be.  I feel confident that my body was made to give birth naturally.  I feel confident that I’ll find a rhythm to cope with the pain.  I feel confident that my labor will […]


Sitting Room Before

Sitting Room Plans for 2017

I mentioned in my last post that I usually like to focus on one room every year and make it over and presentable.  It’s a fun hobby of mine and a nice overall house goal to always have in the back of my mind.  This year, our makeover room is our front sitting room…here it is in all its glory!   This is the first room any visitor will see when they come in the front door, so I’d like it to look presentable and welcoming. This room is technically a dining room, but we currently don’t have much of a need for a dining room.  So we are keeping it as a sitting room and making it useable and comfortable.  Right now, it is literally our […]

Master Bedroom Progress in 2016 5

I’ve mentioned in several posts that I’m working to re-do our master bedroom.  Re-do isn’t really the right word…rather, I’m fixing all of the mistakes I made when we first moved in and thought I was a designer and could make bold choice.  *purple accent walls* cough *yellow gold curtains* cough cough I cringed every time I walked into our master bedroom and knew it was one of the first rooms I really needed to put some work into and make it over in a way that I really loved.  I pinned SO MANY pictures on my Master Bedroom Pinterest board (and still pinning to this day!).  It’s one of my favorite time-killing hobbies.  But, a designer I am NOT, so it takes a ton of visual inspiration […]



2016 in Review!

HIGHS finding out we were expecting our 2nd little boy! a healthy pregnancy celebrating our son’s 2nd birthday in May building our son a rock box in our backyard which is still a huge hit our son becoming more comfortable at the pool and becoming very brave — he is a little fish now! family trip to Arizona (our son’s 2nd plane ride — he did awesome!) very few colds for our toddler and a very healthy second half of the year for him! celebrating our FIFTH wedding anniversary! Adam and I having regular lunch dates when we are both working downtown signing up for a family membership to a nearby rec center countless family walks/hikes and encouraging our son’s love of being active (as seen in the picture […]