Follow my new Instagram Account! @amberglifts

come follow me!  my new IG handle is @amberglifts i’ve been thinking about starting a new instagram account for ‘micro-blogging’ for awhile now.  i have used instagram very regularly for years as my ‘mom journal’ but i found myself getting pretty wordy on some posts and knew i needed a new creative outlet. blogging is so fun but obviously i haven’t kept up with it much since having kids.  having a micro-blog instagram account has already been so much fun!   the focus of my instagram account is mostly about me getting back in shape after having babies.  but i’m sure i’ll post about other things like home projects, mindfulness, habits , and other various things i’m interested in. so please come follow me and […]



The Story Of Our House 3

On March 9, 2012 – one year ago this Saturday! – my husband and I signed the papers to buy our first house.  I remember the day so clearly.  It was an unusually warm March day.  That morning, we handed over probably the biggest check we will ever write and our realtor gave us the keys to our new house!  We quickly drove to our new empty house to celebrate! …if you think that’s champagne, you’d be wrong.  We fill our champagne glasses with Belgium Wit beer in our house.  We’re classy like that. Anyways, we started saving for our house long before we even got married actually.  We had paid off all our debt + student loans about a year or two before we […]