My Browsing History This Week

My Browsing History

Here is a peak into my browsing history this week…hope you find these links as interesting as I did!

Maternity Leave: How Long Is Too Long?: The author says this about going back to work after having a baby: “I feel completely and utterly discombobulated.”  In my experience, this is 110% accurate.  Nothing prepared me for the anxiety-filled first year back to work.

Reasons Why Clothes Shopping is the Absolute Worst: Yes.  Why am I just now finding out about Matt Bellassai? I was LOLing at this video.

The Year I Embraced Minimalism and Completed a Yearlong Shopping Ban: I’ve ‘known’ Cait for a few years online, but I found this post fascinating.  She is accomplishing big things right now.

Find The Thing You’re Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights and Weekends For The Rest of Your Life: Oh, The Onion.  Thanks for always taking depressing topics and making me laugh about them.

California Turkey and Bacon Lettuce Wraps with Basil-Mayo:  Iowa Girl Eats never disappoints.  Can’t wait to try this wrap.

Why I’m Tempted to Ditch The Organic Food Movement:  Interesting food for thought (get it…?).  It seems  you almost can’t eat anything these days without feeling guilty for one reason or another.