Thoughts at 32 Weeks & More on Natural Birth Prep

Somehow I’m 32 weeks pregnant! I am becoming more and more excited to meet this little boy inside of me.  I keep picturing the moment they put his fresh, slimy body on my skin and telling him ‘we did it!’. I can’t wait to love him. Pregnancy is going well, thank God.  Normal aches and pains, but nothing terrible.  My toddler still steals the spotlight every day over this pregnancy.   I have been preparing for natural birth like a mad woman and, honestly, I think I’m as ready as I can be.  I feel confident that my body was made to give birth naturally.  I feel confident that I’ll find a rhythm to cope with the pain.  I feel confident that my labor will […]


Planning for a Natural Hospital Birth 3

For this baby, I am planning/hoping for a more natural childbirth.  We are still planning to deliver at our hospital in case of emergency, but I’m mentally preparing for no pain meds.  Before I get into the why of wanting a natural birth, I want to emphasize that I am extremely grateful that I have a healthy baby boy at home and he was brought into this world safely.  In the end, that is all that matters. My views on childbirth have changed dramatically since I gave birth to my 10+ pound son 2 1/2 years ago.  With him, I went into labor wanting the epidural.  I was scared of the pain because I had never done any research on natural childbirth and because all the […]

a new addition: part 2 2

08.01.16 On Saturday, 07.30.16, I got 2 glorious strong pink lines on a test.  Later that day, I was feeling so yucky that I decided to take this digital test and couldn’t believe it when, at just 10 DPO, I already got a positive on a digital test! We are so happy.  I can’t believe our son is going to get a little brother or sister! I’m so, so, so nervous, too.  We keep saying how much more nervous we are this time around, especially after last month.  When I got pregnant with my son, I never worried about losing the baby.  It was that wonderful first-pregnancy naivete. I spotted once on Friday, the day before the positive test.  And very slightly today.  But none over […]


a new addition

07.07.16 I’ve been getting very faint lines for a couple of days now.  I’ve taken a bazillion tests and they’re all starting to show faint lines.  I’m 14 DPO (days post ovulation… for those of you hip to the fertility lingo). I keep comparing this to my pregnancy with my son and it’s already so different.  With him, I had all day nausea starting at 9 DPO.  I had a very definite blazing positive line by 12 DPO with him. So, I’m nervous.  I’m also spotting.  I’ve been spotting for nearly a week now.  I didn’t spot once my entire pregnancy with my son.  So, that’s throwing me off.  I’m not sure what to think! As far as my symptoms, I definitely have them.  I […]

10 Things That Helped Me Breastfeed for 13 Months While Working Full-Time 3

I wrote this in August 2015 and never got around to posting it, better late than never… A few weeks ago, I had my last nursing session with my son.  I breastfed him for a little over 13 months and it’s one of my biggest accomplishments of my life.  Maybe even my biggest accomplishment!  If you’ve ever breastfed or tried to, you know what I mean. I work full-time and commute 90 minutes to 2 hours every day.  It was tough to keep up with the physical demands of breastfeeding being away from my baby so much, but I was determined to make it work.  This is what helped me make it work: Supportive work environment.  I could not have been successful at breastfeeding (and […]

10 things breastfeeding working full time


No Cry Sleep Training Tips 1

  I used to think I would be a full-on cry-it-out mom before I had my son.  But as soon as he was in my arms, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the cry-it-out thing.  I was desperate for both of us to get the sleep we needed at night, but I wanted to find a way to do it with no crying.  And I’m here to say that we DID successfully sleep train without crying (fussing is allowed in our house!) when he was 4 1/2 months old.  He’s now nearly 15-months old and is (knock on wood) a FANTASTIC sleeper. (By the way, I am referring to sleep training as teaching the baby to put themselves to sleep and not relying on being […]

The Feeding Situation 1

    I wanted to share some posts on various topics of parenthood because I have so many thoughts swirling in my head every day.  I am breastfeeding our little guy and so far it’s going really well!  I’ve had a couple of bumps in the road, but overall I’m really happy with breastfeeding so far. It’s crazy to think that I’ve spent the majority of the past 4 weeks feeding this guy.  Breastfeeding is HARD.  But I am very lucky that it works SO well for us (knock on wood…so far) and it’s actually one of my favorite parts of being a mom so far. I had my first shot at nursing him about 3 hours after he was born.  Definitely not ideal.  It […]



Birth Story 88

Our little guy joined the world on May 22, 2014 at 8:42pm after about 19 hours of labor.  Here’s the story!  (Warning: It’s very long!) I didn’t have much of a birth plan going into labor.  The only thing I wanted to avoid was a c-section.  I mentioned this to my doctor over and over that I wanted to do anything possible to deliver the old-fashioned way.  The one other thing I wanted to avoid was an episiotomy.  If you’re not familiar with the ins-and-outs of labor, that’s basically where they take a scalpel to your nether regions.  Doesn’t sound too fun and typically involves a longer healing time and sometimes more scar tissue problems. I was 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant on Wednesday, […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 36 Weeks 5

How far along? 36 Weeks (shirt says ‘Good things come in large bellies’ … borrowed from a friend ) Baby Size & Stats: maybe 6 pounds by now! How am I feeling? Not bad.  I had more false labor almost daily through Tuesday of this week and then it tapered off.  I have major pelvic pressure now so I think the false labor was from him dropping.  The doc confirmed that he is head down and very low today so that’s great news! Food/Cravings: I’ve been pretty hungry this week, but no cravings out of the ordinary. Weight: 27 pounds Maternity clothes? I’m just wearing whatever feels comfortable and conceals the belly these days Sleep: Pretty good.  I keep waking up around 2 or 3 […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 35 Weeks 3

How far along? 35 Weeks Baby Size & Stats: Honeydew melon…over 5 pounds now How am I feeling? I do feel really great…but I’m having pretty bad false labor a couple of times per week.  Last night I was in so much pain, I almost couldn’t walk out of Target.  Once I got home and laid down, the paid subsided, which is the biggest indicator of false labor – when the pain/cramping/contractions go away when you lay down.  Real labor obviously doesn’t stop for anything.  So, I’m a little bummed.  I feel good enough to go about my daily activities (and even got in 2 awesome work outs at the beginning of the week) but my body is telling me to slow down.  So, I […]