On Sleep Training 1

We are on day 7 of sleep training our nearly 8 month old and I thought I would write out some thoughts on the whole process since it’s pretty much consumed my brain for the last month. I wrote a post about no-cry sleep training tips after my first son was sleeping through the night.  Looking back at it now, I realize how ridiculous it sounds.  Big bro learned how to become an amazing sleeper once he found his thumb and we just got lucky with him.  Sure, we gave him the opportunity to go to sleep on his own (which, if you’re a mom, you know how hard that first step is), but he did the majority of the work and saved me from […]


7 Months In: Life With 2 Kids

We are nearing lil bro’s 6-month birthday (whaaa?!)  (side note: he’s now just over 7 months old, so clearly I didn’t get around to posting this timely!). So we can officially say we’ve been parenting 2 kids for over half a year!  Biggest accomplishment of our lives?  Yes.  Definitely, yes. We have definitely settled into a routine which is helpful for my sanity.  Lil bro generally takes 2-3 naps a day (depending on their length) and I usually nurse him 5 times a day (sometimes up to 7 depending on his mood/growth spurts/illnesses/teething).  Lil bro now sleeps in a sleep sack in his crib on his tummy which is a major new development after he slept tightly swaddled in the swing for the first 6 months of his life! […]

Maternity Leave Recap

I went back to work 7 weeks ago and it already feels like maternity leave was so long ago!  The time really flies. I took 12 weeks off for maternity leave.  My husband took a month off and that first month with all of us home as a family of 4 was so much fun! We spent our first week at home just adjusting to our new normal.  Or our new chaos, actually. We took turns napping with the baby and trying to keep our older son entertained.  We did start taking him back to daycare a few days a week after our baby was about a week old.  My mother-in-law is a saint and helped us out SO much during this time.  She came over nearly […]



Baby Boy’s Birth Story 1

I shared our baby boy’s birth story on my personal Instragram account a few weeks ago and thought I would post it here, as well.  From here on out, I’ll refer to my older son as Big Bro and my younger son as Lil Bro.   Our son was born April 18, 2017 at 5:54am. Here’s his story! After 4 nights of prodromal/early labor, active labor started at 10pm on Monday, April 17th — 5 days past his due date. After 4 nights of off and on contractions, I was still in denial when contractions became more regular and intense. I was mainly annoyed that I couldn’t sleep or get comfortable! I was so annoyed that I told my husband we should just go to the hospital […]

Thoughts at 32 Weeks & More on Natural Birth Prep

Somehow I’m 32 weeks pregnant! I am becoming more and more excited to meet this little boy inside of me.  I keep picturing the moment they put his fresh, slimy body on my skin and telling him ‘we did it!’. I can’t wait to love him. Pregnancy is going well, thank God.  Normal aches and pains, but nothing terrible.  My toddler still steals the spotlight every day over this pregnancy.   I have been preparing for natural birth like a mad woman and, honestly, I think I’m as ready as I can be.  I feel confident that my body was made to give birth naturally.  I feel confident that I’ll find a rhythm to cope with the pain.  I feel confident that my labor will […]


Planning for a Natural Hospital Birth 3

For this baby, I am planning/hoping for a more natural childbirth.  We are still planning to deliver at our hospital in case of emergency, but I’m mentally preparing for no pain meds.  Before I get into the why of wanting a natural birth, I want to emphasize that I am extremely grateful that I have a healthy baby boy at home and he was brought into this world safely.  In the end, that is all that matters. My views on childbirth have changed dramatically since I gave birth to my 10+ pound son 2 1/2 years ago.  With him, I went into labor wanting the epidural.  I was scared of the pain because I had never done any research on natural childbirth and because all the […]

a new addition: part 2 2

08.01.16 On Saturday, 07.30.16, I got 2 glorious strong pink lines on a test.  Later that day, I was feeling so yucky that I decided to take this digital test and couldn’t believe it when, at just 10 DPO, I already got a positive on a digital test! We are so happy.  I can’t believe our son is going to get a little brother or sister! I’m so, so, so nervous, too.  We keep saying how much more nervous we are this time around, especially after last month.  When I got pregnant with my son, I never worried about losing the baby.  It was that wonderful first-pregnancy naivete. I spotted once on Friday, the day before the positive test.  And very slightly today.  But none over […]


a new addition

07.07.16 I’ve been getting very faint lines for a couple of days now.  I’ve taken a bazillion tests and they’re all starting to show faint lines.  I’m 14 DPO (days post ovulation… for those of you hip to the fertility lingo). I keep comparing this to my pregnancy with my son and it’s already so different.  With him, I had all day nausea starting at 9 DPO.  I had a very definite blazing positive line by 12 DPO with him. So, I’m nervous.  I’m also spotting.  I’ve been spotting for nearly a week now.  I didn’t spot once my entire pregnancy with my son.  So, that’s throwing me off.  I’m not sure what to think! As far as my symptoms, I definitely have them.  I […]

10 Things That Helped Me Breastfeed for 13 Months While Working Full-Time 3

I wrote this in August 2015 and never got around to posting it, better late than never… A few weeks ago, I had my last nursing session with my son.  I breastfed him for a little over 13 months and it’s one of my biggest accomplishments of my life.  Maybe even my biggest accomplishment!  If you’ve ever breastfed or tried to, you know what I mean. I work full-time and commute 90 minutes to 2 hours every day.  It was tough to keep up with the physical demands of breastfeeding being away from my baby so much, but I was determined to make it work.  This is what helped me make it work: Supportive work environment.  I could not have been successful at breastfeeding (and […]

10 things breastfeeding working full time


No Cry Sleep Training Tips 2

  I used to think I would be a full-on cry-it-out mom before I had my son.  But as soon as he was in my arms, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the cry-it-out thing.  I was desperate for both of us to get the sleep we needed at night, but I wanted to find a way to do it with no crying.  And I’m here to say that we DID successfully sleep train without crying (fussing is allowed in our house!) when he was 4 1/2 months old.  He’s now nearly 15-months old and is (knock on wood) a FANTASTIC sleeper. (By the way, I am referring to sleep training as teaching the baby to put themselves to sleep and not relying on being […]