Fall Décor: Spray Paint + Thrift Store Ceramic Pumpkins 9

I like adding classic decorations during the holidays.  Something to show I’m in the spirit but not all up in your face orange and green and glitter.  Less tacky, more classy, am I right? I found these glass pumpkins at a local thrift store (TurnStyles for my Kansas City peeps) and knew I could class ‘em up with some spray paint. Check out those prices!  If you can’t see the tags, they read $4.00, $1.50, and a whopping $0.50.  Bringing in the total at $6.00 for 3 nice glass/ceramic pumpkins. I did actually spot the glass pumpkin at Target for $5.99 full price.  Not a bad deal at Target, but still a better deal at the thrift store.  That baby was still like brand new! […]