High Five For Friday: Anniversary Edition

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary last Saturday with a day of fun! Family picture at a local park. Family picnic at the park. Getting ready to go swimming at the dog park! Anniversary dinner at 801 Chophouse.  They even typed Happy Anniversary!  on our menus!  So cute. A delicious carrot cake. The shellfish platter for an appetizer.  First time trying mussels, clams, and oysters!  Not sure I’m a fan! Happy Friday!  After a ridiculous week at work, I am READY for the weekend! linking up with lauren



High Five for Friday!

  My runs over the past week and a half.  I’m still slow.  Much slower than last summer.  But happy that I’ve been able to run 3x per week for several months. My little lady enjoying time on the deck with her goose. Shaved. Brussels. Sprouts.  Nuff’ said. My husband thought it’d be a good idea to get a tequila flight on a Tuesday night to celebrate our anniversary. His and her’s gelato.  Berry + lemon = the best.  Isn’t it cute that our spoons match our wedding colors (green + pink) and we got gelato ON our anniversary?!  #easilyamused Happy Friday! linking up with Lauren

High Five for Friday 8

I scored this Moleskine 2013 planner (hardcover!) for 50% off at Barne’s and Noble for like $8.  Try as I might, I can’t get into electronic to-do lists and planners.  I love writing it down. Gracie somehow managed to crack the world’s most heavy-duty dog bone in half.  This wasn’t one of those manufactured crappy ones.  I think this was literally an animal’s bone at one point (gross).  And she cracked it like a boss.  Also – Gracie turns ONE TODAY!  Happy birthday to our little baby. Our tab after an afternoon of family and friends and drinks at my husband’s family bar.  It’s a no-frills, very-Cheers-like, everybody-knows-your-name kinda place. Our go-to healthy dinner.  Pan-seared chicken, roasted Brussels sprouts, and roasted sweet potatoes.  We used […]



5 Things Friday–10.19.12

Yes, I’m jumping on the 5 Things Friday bandwagon.  I love these posts and they’re a great way to share useless information that I find exciting.  Here we go: 1. Gracie This is my new child.  We adopted her about a week ago and, let’s just say, things haven’t been the same since.  It doesn’t help that Adam has been out of town pretty much the entire time (except for 2 nights). We’re having some growing pains, but she is a very, very sweet pup.  And really quite mellow for a 9 month old.  We’re thinking she’s mostly lab, with some greyhound and basset hound mixed in.  More to come on our little Gracie… 2. My new rug… Er, should I say Gracie’s new rug.  […]