2018 Goals and Plans

Another new year!  Woohoo!  I love a fresh year.  2017 was AMAZING since we welcomed our new baby boy to our family.  I will remember 2017 as one of my favorite years ever.  Challenging, yes; but full of snuggles and kisses and hugs and baby giggles.  Nothing sweeter. Looking back on my 2017 goals and plans, I pretty much dominated there.    Well, except for those be active daily and cut back on sugar goals.  But everything else I completed and if I haven’t completed them yet (breastfeeding!), it’s going super well. I don’t have many personal goals for 2018, other than mostly to just survive (#parenting).  But I have been thinking about this and these are my 2 major personal goals for next year: […]


Sitting Room Before

Sitting Room Plans for 2017

I mentioned in my last post that I usually like to focus on one room every year and make it over and presentable.  It’s a fun hobby of mine and a nice overall house goal to always have in the back of my mind.  This year, our makeover room is our front sitting room…here it is in all its glory!   This is the first room any visitor will see when they come in the front door, so I’d like it to look presentable and welcoming. This room is technically a dining room, but we currently don’t have much of a need for a dining room.  So we are keeping it as a sitting room and making it useable and comfortable.  Right now, it is literally our […]

2016 in Review!

HIGHS finding out we were expecting our 2nd little boy! a healthy pregnancy celebrating our son’s 2nd birthday in May building our son a rock box in our backyard which is still a huge hit our son becoming more comfortable at the pool and becoming very brave — he is a little fish now! family trip to Arizona (our son’s 2nd plane ride — he did awesome!) very few colds for our toddler and a very healthy second half of the year for him! celebrating our FIFTH wedding anniversary! Adam and I having regular lunch dates when we are both working downtown signing up for a family membership to a nearby rec center countless family walks/hikes and encouraging our son’s love of being active (as seen in the picture […]



My Plans for 2017

A new year!  The new year is always so exciting to me.  I love a fresh start.  I love hearing about everyone’s resolutions and (usually) making lots of my own. This year I don’t necessarily have resolutions since having a baby will be the main focus.  My year will be divided into three seasons: The last third of my pregnancy: January through April Maternity Leave: April through June/July-ish Going back to work and settling into our new normal: August through December With this being my second go around, I obviously know what to expect during these last months of pregnancy and those postpartum months. I can tell you that postpartum scares me a LOT more than pregnancy.  Am I the only one that thinks those […]

2016 Goals & Resolutions Update 1

So, I realize I never posted an official ‘2016 goals’ post, but I did write some things down on January 1st that I had been thinking about for awhile.  I wrote them in my Day Designer planner (which I love, btw!). Now that we’re nearly 2 months into the year, I feel like I’m actually doing pretty good on my goals.  Its all about habits — breaking bad ones and making good ones.  So here’s how I’m doing! Take lunch to work & be active over my lunch hour.  Since I started my new job in September 2014, I have gotten into a horrible habit of going out to lunch ALL THE TIME.  A big part of it is that I’m now working closer to much […]


hello 2014

2014 Goals 2

I debated writing a goals/resolutions post because my goals for the year are probably pretty obvious (have a baby, the end). But I still like getting a vision for the year on paper, so I decided to go ahead and post about my goals anyway.  Here goes! 1. Do as many adult/independent/couple activities as possible before May. Now that we know the gender of our baby, we’ve started working on the nursery, and the holidays and New Year are behind us, I feel like my due date is coming at us like a freight train.  And I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I think most first-time parents worry about the loss of their independence when they start having kids.  And that’s definitely something […]

New Year’s Resolutions 2

We’re already 25 days into the New Year and I’m just now getting to my New Year’s resolutions?  No big deal. Put crap away.  If you were to stand in our master bathroom, my sink would be the cluttered, messy one and my husband’s would be the tidy one.  Slightly embarrassing.  I am totally the messy person in our relationship unless I’m forcing myself to focus on being tidier.  It only seems right to try to stay tidy if I spend so much time thinking about my home and decorating it! Get dressed on work-at-home days.  Since I work from home half the time, I live in yoga pants and leggings a lot.  But I feel pretty crummy on days I don’t at least brush […]