Gracie: 6 Month Update 3

Get ready for the longest post ever! A couple of weeks ago marked the 6 month anniversary of when we brought our rescue dog, Gracie, home.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 months!  Actually, I can.  This half-year has been full of ups and downs and learning experiences for us all! Stats on 10.11.12 (when we brought her home): 68 pounds 8 1/2 months old scared, cried a lot never kissed or wagged her tail had LOTS of energy loved to DIG! Stats on 04.11.13 (6 months after we brought her home): 88 pounds! 14 1/2 months old hardly ever cries gives sloppy kisses regularly and wags her tail when she sees us still pretty energetic, but easing into laziness in her old age (Hallelujah!) […]



Our First (Fur) Baby: Gracie 8

Meet Gracie. She is our sweet little fur baby that we adopted on 10.11.12.  She’s a 10 month old lab mix and she is just a sweet little soul that we are totally in love with. However, before getting Gracie, I had no idea just how independent we were.  We lived our lives based on what we wanted, when we wanted it.  Now that we’re raising a 10 month old, we can’t actually always do whatever we want, when we want to!  Crazy concept, huh?  Good prep for parenthood I think. So, let’s talk about the girl a little bit.  Here’s her story: We rescued her from a fabulous no-kill animal shelter here in KC – Wayside Waifs (below is a picture of the first […]

5 Things Friday–10.19.12

Yes, I’m jumping on the 5 Things Friday bandwagon.  I love these posts and they’re a great way to share useless information that I find exciting.  Here we go: 1. Gracie This is my new child.  We adopted her about a week ago and, let’s just say, things haven’t been the same since.  It doesn’t help that Adam has been out of town pretty much the entire time (except for 2 nights). We’re having some growing pains, but she is a very, very sweet pup.  And really quite mellow for a 9 month old.  We’re thinking she’s mostly lab, with some greyhound and basset hound mixed in.  More to come on our little Gracie… 2. My new rug… Er, should I say Gracie’s new rug.  […]