Sitting Room Plans for 2017

I mentioned in my last post that I usually like to focus on one room every year and make it over and presentable.  It’s a fun hobby of mine and a nice overall house goal to always have in the back of my mind.  This year, our makeover room is our front sitting room…here it is in all its glory!   This is the first room any visitor will see when they come in the front door, so I’d like it to look presentable and welcoming. This room is technically a dining room, but we currently don’t have much of a need for a dining room.  So we are keeping it as a sitting room and making it useable and comfortable.  Right now, it is literally our […]

Sitting Room Before


Master Bedroom Progress in 2016 5

I’ve mentioned in several posts that I’m working to re-do our master bedroom.  Re-do isn’t really the right word…rather, I’m fixing all of the mistakes I made when we first moved in and thought I was a designer and could make bold choice.  *purple accent walls* cough *yellow gold curtains* cough cough I cringed every time I walked into our master bedroom and knew it was one of the first rooms I really needed to put some work into and make it over in a way that I really loved.  I pinned SO MANY pictures on my Master Bedroom Pinterest board (and still pinning to this day!).  It’s one of my favorite time-killing hobbies.  But, a designer I am NOT, so it takes a ton of visual inspiration […]

House Updates Lately 1

We have been busy making updates and changes to our house as per usual over the summer.  Here are a few of the updates! We put in a patio at the beginning of the summer which we love.  It is colored stamped concrete with a diamond cut.  It is beautiful!  Our existing deck is rather small and our backyard is pretty big, so it’s nice to have more outdoor living space in our backyard.  This summer was kind of crazy (aren’t they all) and we didn’t buy furniture until the end-of-summer clearance in September, so it looked pretty sparse all summer.  Since our son started walking over the summer, we spent a lot of time using this open space to practice our toddling skills. The […]



That Time I Painted My Curtains Black 2

So remember that time I had gold curtains in my bedroom?  Well, I decided I hated them after a short time.  I tried dyeing and bleaching them to no avail.  Finally, I decided to just paint our old curtains black! I had a can of black oops paint that I bought at Lowe’s a couple months ago.  I briefly considered painting our French doors black (which may still happen eventually), but decided the office needed a set of curtains more than a set of black French doors.  So, the painting began… I gotta be honest, I was a little nervous during the process.  The curtain soaked up a TON of paint.  Each panel took one quart of paint!  That was the only downside of this […]

Office Makeover for $100: Before Pictures

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks slowly “making over” our office.  I’m using that term loosely because we wanted to do it on a budget, so it’s not a huge, drastic change.  But, we both think it looks much better.  And for $100, I’ll take it! We completed about 5 projects to makeover the office, and I’ll be sharing them over the next few weeks. You’ve seen most of these pictures before, but here they are again to remind you of the sad, sad state that was our office! Since this is one of the first rooms you see when you enter our house, I wanted it to look just a little better. I’ll be sharing our first project on Thursday!   Stay tuned…



The Story Of Our House 3

On March 9, 2012 – one year ago this Saturday! – my husband and I signed the papers to buy our first house.  I remember the day so clearly.  It was an unusually warm March day.  That morning, we handed over probably the biggest check we will ever write and our realtor gave us the keys to our new house!  We quickly drove to our new empty house to celebrate! …if you think that’s champagne, you’d be wrong.  We fill our champagne glasses with Belgium Wit beer in our house.  We’re classy like that. Anyways, we started saving for our house long before we even got married actually.  We had paid off all our debt + student loans about a year or two before we […]

OMG I Have A Yoga Room 2

So, we have 3 unused bedroom upstairs.  We use our master bedroom, 2 of the rooms have our old queen beds in them, and the last room sits empty.  We usually end up throwing random projects in the empty room, as seen here: The other day I was working out in our basement and wishing I had a place to stretch and do yoga. And then it dawned on me – I have MORE than enough room to do yoga, I just need to set up a space in one of our empty rooms. I knew which room would be perfect, too.  It’s the room we refer to as “the blue room” because it’s, well, a blue room.  When we first moved in, it was […]



Mudroom Shoe Storage & Bench Makeover 2

Hey, hey!  Happy March to ya!  Today I’ve got a makeover story.  A mudroom shoe storage and bench makeover, to be exact! One thing I was pretty excited about when we moved into our house was the mudroom shoe storage and bench area.  It’s so nice to drop your bags and kick off your shoes as soon as you walk in.  And since our mudroom area was right off the garage, it made it super convenient. But there was one thing that bothered me about the mudroom shoe storage area.  It was…rather difficult to get to.  Check out this before picture (take special note of the extreme messiness…and the rogue Victoria’s Secret box): Yeah…there’s a nice bench there but it’s closed off in front.  If […]

We Painted Our 2-Story Entryway 8

…and lived to tell about it! Remember the tan? I’ll remind you. This view from the stairs (below) shows the color the most accurately (at least on my computer). It’s pure gray without any hint of blue (so if you’re seeing any, it’s probably just my amateur photography skills). Remember how we loathed all the brown in our house? Brown walls, brown floors, brown tile, brown kitchen cabinets. Well, now that we painted this entryway, we are kinda digging the rest of the brown in the house. Since the entryway is 2-stories, it makes quite the statement. Now that it’s gray, it really helps to balance out the brown. The dining room and the office – the two rooms on either side of the entryway […]



Picking Paint Colors: Entryway & Mud Room 5

Now that the holidays are over, we’ve been itching to finish up some winter projects we’ve been planning.  On the agenda?  Painting, of course. Up first: the entryway. I wanted to go with a dark gray for the entryway since seeing this picture on Pinterest: Sadly, I can’t find the original source, which means I can’t find the exact color. We’ve been playing around with paint samples on the wall (below) and this picture just shows how different paint chips can seem to the actual color you paint on the wall.  I went into Lowe’s looking for a similar color to the picture above and came out with the two lighter colors (Valspar’s Polished Silver and Olympic’s Secret Passage, both on the bottom). And, the […]