High Five For Friday: Anniversary Edition

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary last Saturday with a day of fun! Family picture at a local park. Family picnic at the park. Getting ready to go swimming at the dog park! Anniversary dinner at 801 Chophouse.  They even typed Happy Anniversary!  on our menus!  So cute. A delicious carrot cake. The shellfish platter for an appetizer.  First time trying mussels, clams, and oysters!  Not sure I’m a fan! Happy Friday!  After a ridiculous week at work, I am READY for the weekend! linking up with lauren



High Five for Friday!

  My runs over the past week and a half.  I’m still slow.  Much slower than last summer.  But happy that I’ve been able to run 3x per week for several months. My little lady enjoying time on the deck with her goose. Shaved. Brussels. Sprouts.  Nuff’ said. My husband thought it’d be a good idea to get a tequila flight on a Tuesday night to celebrate our anniversary. His and her’s gelato.  Berry + lemon = the best.  Isn’t it cute that our spoons match our wedding colors (green + pink) and we got gelato ON our anniversary?!  #easilyamused Happy Friday! linking up with Lauren

Latelies. 1

enjoying…more and more time outside!  If you follow me on Instagram (ambergil), you’ll know that we’ve been eating almost all of our meals on our deck.  It’s so beautiful and relaxing!  Being outside on these beautiful warm, crisp days has been making me so appreciative of the seasons.  Winter is rough, but spring and summer are such amazing rewards! cooking…grilling out!  On Easter, my hubby and I cracked open the grill for the first time in 6 months and enjoyed our first meal of grilled chicken.  We usually grill 3-5 times a week in the warmer weather and I’m so happy that grillin’ season has just started. planning…My brother is moving into a new house soon and I’m so excited to help him spruce it […]



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Lately I’ve been… Ready For…spring!  I’m on my 4th cold of the winter this week.  I’ve also had the stomach flu once this winter.  I don’t think I’ve been that sick during one winter in years.  Not to mention we’ve had like 30 inches of snow in Kansas City this winter.  Over. It.  Our poor puppy Gracie has had a stomach bug all week, too.  We’re all ready for warmer weather and less sickness around here! Enjoying…the comforts of home!  I had a couple evening activities this week, and, you all know when you have a cold, all you want to do is come home and climb into bed.  It’s been so nice to walk through the door and get into my sweats and into […]

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Lately I’ve been… Watching…Girls & Californication.  My husband and I have been long-time Cali fans and can’t get enough Hank Moody.  Although, the last couple seasons just haven’t been able to reach the level of awesome the first handful of seasons did.  And, Girls.  Oh, Girls.  Awkward, weird, cringe-worthy, good.  The finale!  So good! Enjoying…Lifetime Movie Network.  Did I just admit that?  Seriously though…I just discovered it.  And with March Madness going on and my husband constantly watching basketball, it is a lovely girl’s TV getaway! Moving…I have been running and lifting weights like crazy lately!  Since I started using my office gym on the days I’m in the office, it’s been much easier to lift weights.  I love going down to the gym over […]