Spring 2013 Family Photo

A couple Saturday’s ago, my husband and I were about to head out on the town (man, I sound so old) and we decided to take a family photo before we left.  We propped my DSLR camera on a chair, set the timer, got a handful of treats for Miss Gracie and posed on the stairs.  This was the first shot we got and I’m in love with it.  Look closely at how all of Gracie’s legs are sliding apart (she has a little trouble staying in place on the hardwoods) and how focused on the camera she is (and how I’m clutching her to stay in place, haha).  It turned out so imperfectly perfect!  We’re planning to try a family photo on the stairs […]



Guest Post at My Pretty Pennies 1

Hey guys! I have a guest post up on one of my favorite blogs today – My Pretty Pennies – all about decorating your house on a budget.  I included my best tip for painting a room for just a fraction of the cost! I hope you’ll click over and check it out and get to know Ginna while you’re there!