Thoughts at 32 Weeks & More on Natural Birth Prep

Somehow I’m 32 weeks pregnant! I am becoming more and more excited to meet this little boy inside of me.  I keep picturing the moment they put his fresh, slimy body on my skin and telling him ‘we did it!’. I can’t wait to love him. Pregnancy is going well, thank God.  Normal aches and pains, but nothing terrible.  My toddler still steals the spotlight every day over this pregnancy.   I have been preparing for natural birth like a mad woman and, honestly, I think I’m as ready as I can be.  I feel confident that my body was made to give birth naturally.  I feel confident that I’ll find a rhythm to cope with the pain.  I feel confident that my labor will […]


preventing morning sickness

Preventing Morning Sickness Before You’re Pregnant

When I was pregnant with my son, I had pretty bad morning sickness.  I felt sick pretty much all day from week 6 through week 18 or 19.  It was miserable to feel like you had mild food poisoning for 3 months.  I ended up taking Zofran which I didn’t love for 2 reasons: it didn’t really work that well and I was always worried the drugs were hurting the baby. I came across a pin on Pinterest a few months ago claiming that you could prevent morning sickness before you got pregnant.  Hmm, intriguing.  I would do anything to prevent that awful feeling for our next pregnancy! After reading that article and doing some more research, I learned that some woman have had success […]

Thoughts at 37.5 Weeks 1

So, here we are.  I’m “full-term” according to some doctors and websites.  I could give birth any day over the next several weeks!  Here are some updates in bullet format: One of our dear friends lost their baby late last week.  She was 36 weeks pregnant – due just 3 days after I’m due.  This would have been their fifth child.  The news was a shock to everyone, obviously, and it made me appreciate the aches and pains of pregnancy a little bit more.  I can’t imagine what they must be going through but they seem to be taking it better than I would.  Life is precious. I’ve felt more at peace with this major life change over the past couple of days.  Maybe that […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 36 Weeks 5

How far along? 36 Weeks (shirt says ‘Good things come in large bellies’ … borrowed from a friend ) Baby Size & Stats: maybe 6 pounds by now! How am I feeling? Not bad.  I had more false labor almost daily through Tuesday of this week and then it tapered off.  I have major pelvic pressure now so I think the false labor was from him dropping.  The doc confirmed that he is head down and very low today so that’s great news! Food/Cravings: I’ve been pretty hungry this week, but no cravings out of the ordinary. Weight: 27 pounds Maternity clothes? I’m just wearing whatever feels comfortable and conceals the belly these days Sleep: Pretty good.  I keep waking up around 2 or 3 […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 35 Weeks 3

How far along? 35 Weeks Baby Size & Stats: Honeydew melon…over 5 pounds now How am I feeling? I do feel really great…but I’m having pretty bad false labor a couple of times per week.  Last night I was in so much pain, I almost couldn’t walk out of Target.  Once I got home and laid down, the paid subsided, which is the biggest indicator of false labor – when the pain/cramping/contractions go away when you lay down.  Real labor obviously doesn’t stop for anything.  So, I’m a little bummed.  I feel good enough to go about my daily activities (and even got in 2 awesome work outs at the beginning of the week) but my body is telling me to slow down.  So, I […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 33 Weeks 3

How far along? 33 weeks 3 days Baby Size & Stats: A PINEAPPLE!  I am not surprised, my stomach is HUGE. How am I feeling? Really great!  I had a cold all last week, so that sucked, but, pregnancy-wise, I feel great.  I have contractions and tightening in my uterus constantly, especially upon standing, so that’s really the only annoying symptom.  And the heartburn … I’m going through TUMS like crazy. And no swelling as of yet!  Knock on wood!  I’m still wearing my wedding ring like normal and don’t feel any tightness.  Yay! Food/Cravings: No cravings anymore…my diet is pretty normal. Weight: 23 pounds Maternity clothes? Love my stretchy clothes and pants with the belly panel Sleep: Sleep has been a little harder lately.  […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 32 Weeks 2

How far along? 32 weeks, people!  Home stretch!  How bout a picture from the front this week?  I love love love this outfit because the dress is so comfy and flattering! Baby Size & Stats: A jicama, whatever that is.  About 3 3/4 pounds! How am I feeling? Tired, but great.  I can’t complain. Food/Cravings: My appetite has been pretty low as the days progress.  I read this is a common third trimester symptom since your stomach is so smushed.  Weight: Holding steady right around 22 pounds.  Maternity clothes? Yep, but I can’t wait to wear normal clothes again!  I had to dress more professional than usual one day this week and this outfit is what I pulled together.  Surprisingly, nothing I’m wearing is maternity!  […]



{Pregnancy Diary} 30 Weeks 1

How far along? 30 weeks … can’t believe I’m already in the ‘thirties’! Baby Size & Stats: A squash, about 3 pounds How am I feeling? Tired, but good!  I had some pretty bad fatigue this week.  I also had lots of cramping/contractions yesterday so spent a lot of time trying to lie down.  I’ve had some acid reflux lately, too.  I feel sorry for people that deal with heartburn regularly!  It’s no fun.  Tums have been my best friend.  I also have low back pain if I do anything active during the day.  I bought a back support thing, so hopefully that helps!  Other than the fatigue and cramping, I’m feeling pretty darn good! Food/Cravings: No cravings anymore…my diet is pretty normal. Weight: 21.8 […]

{Pregnancy Diary} 28 Weeks, Third Trimester! 3

Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post!  I loved hearing your thoughts. How far along? 28 weeks … officially in the third trimester! (Didn’t have a picture for 28 weeks, so I’m just using a picture I took last week.) Baby Size & Stats: Eggplant…between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds! How am I feeling? As good as you can feel when you’re pregnant?  In general, I feel great.  But I’m out of breath regularly, peeing constantly, suffering from acid reflux nightly, and having more and more trouble getting around.  Adam usually has to give me a little push on the back to get me off the couch at the end of the night…haha.  Also, a new symptom is back pain…yikes.  Hope these next 12 weeks go […]



Pregnancy & Parenting Fear Mongering 6

Something that’s really bothered me since I announced our pregnancy is fear mongering from other people.  Other parents and even non-parents trying to scare us about what lies ahead of us… “sleep now because you’ll NEVER sleep again” “your body will never be the same” “you’ll never have any free time” “say goodbye to date nights” “enjoy your maternity leave…haha, it will be so stress-free!” (in a sarcastic tone) “OMG the glucose test is the worst.  I puked the first time and they made me do a 3-hour test!” …and many, many more. I started to catch on to these exaggerated lies pretty quickly on.  And, then, last week, when I did my glucose test (which was NOT bad at all), my suspicions were confirmed: […]