Favorite Protein Shake: Mocha Peanut Butter Protein 2

I’ve been really getting into drinking protein shakes every day, usually on the way to work.  It’s so convenient and I usually don’t have much of an appetite in the morning.  I prefer to drink my breakfast first thing in the morning!  Plus, I’m lazy in the AM, so a shake is perf. I go back and forth on drinking caffeine and not drinking caffeiene and right now I’m totally in lustful caffeine mode.  Bring me all the coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper!  When I was nursing baby boy, I avoided caffeine, but I weaned about a month ago, so time to party, right! Here’s what I’ve been throwing in the shake lately and let me tell you, this mix is SO GOOD: 1 cup […]



Healthy Potato Skin Casserole Recipe 4

I have a thing for potatoes.  And potato skins?  Even better.  But potato skins in a health-ified casserole form?  Can life get any better than that? Of course, “healthy” is subjective.  Depends on what diet you’re on.  For me, I find that my jeans are the loosest when I’m eating a good balance of lean protein and complex carbs.  This recipe combines both and leaves you with days and days worth of leftovers.  Winner, winner in my book. I actually saw this recipe floating around on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and thought it would be perfect after a little tweaking. I love combining starchy carbs (potatoes) and lean protein (chicken) with other healthy goodies to create delicious but healthy dinners in our house.  […]