Spray Paint

Thrift Store Table Makeover 6

That title is deceiving.  The word “makeover” is used loosely since I really just bought a can of spray paint and went to town on a grungy old thrift store table, as seen below in its sad little before picture.  It doesn’t look half bad since you can’t see all the smudges and dirt and grime.  But, trust me, it was pretty…grody (yes, I just used that word…bringin’ it back). And after 3 thin coats of Rustoleom’s Glossy Black, she was lookin’ pretty flossy.  Check it out for yourself: This table was $14.99 at Salvation Army.  Which, in my humble opinion, is kind of highway robbery at a thrift store.  Shoulda been more like 6 bucks.  But, ah well, I saw it and knew it’d […]



Thrift Store Lamp for the Guest Room 7

I’m always scouting for lamps at thrift stores.  New lamps are so expensive!  Good ones are $40-80 at discount stores like HomeGoods and that’s about $20-60 out of my budget. So, when I found this tall, brass lamp with pretty curves at Goodwill for $3.99, I knew I could spruce her up to my taste for just a fraction of the cost. And, honestly, I didn’t completely dislike the lamp in its original brass state.  If I hadn’t decided to spray paint it a fun color, I probably would have polished it up, slapped a drum shade on it and called it good. But, I’d been itching for something pretty in one of guest rooms, so I decided to go for mint instead. Can you […]

How To Prepare a Gallery Wall 6

So I’m kind of obsessed with the gallery wall look and knew I wanted to have a huge gallery wall showcase in my own home. But there’s something no one tells you about gallery wall prep:  it’s a b**ch. Seriously, gathering countless frames, getting them at a low price (unless you prefer to blow money on 4 wood planks nailed together, which I really do not), spray painting them (if you’re going for a matching look), cleaning price tags off of frames, finding things to put in the frames, etc. etc. I was planning to spray paint all of my frames satin white to make the gallery wall look cleaner and more “put-together”, so I was not afraid to buy very, very ugly frames.  I […]



Fall Décor: Spray Paint + Thrift Store Ceramic Pumpkins 9

I like adding classic decorations during the holidays.  Something to show I’m in the spirit but not all up in your face orange and green and glitter.  Less tacky, more classy, am I right? I found these glass pumpkins at a local thrift store (TurnStyles for my Kansas City peeps) and knew I could class ‘em up with some spray paint. Check out those prices!  If you can’t see the tags, they read $4.00, $1.50, and a whopping $0.50.  Bringing in the total at $6.00 for 3 nice glass/ceramic pumpkins. I did actually spot the glass pumpkin at Target for $5.99 full price.  Not a bad deal at Target, but still a better deal at the thrift store.  That baby was still like brand new! […]