My Plans for 2017

A new year!  The new year is always so exciting to me.  I love a fresh start.  I love hearing about everyone’s resolutions and (usually) making lots of my own. This year I don’t necessarily have resolutions since having a baby will be the main focus.  My year will be divided into three seasons: The last third of my pregnancy: January through April Maternity Leave: April through June/July-ish Going back to work and settling into our new normal: August through December With this being my second go around, I obviously know what to expect during these last months of pregnancy and those postpartum months. I can tell you that postpartum scares me a LOT more than pregnancy.  Am I the only one that thinks those […]


a new addition: part 2 2

08.01.16 On Saturday, 07.30.16, I got 2 glorious strong pink lines on a test.  Later that day, I was feeling so yucky that I decided to take this digital test and couldn’t believe it when, at just 10 DPO, I already got a positive on a digital test! We are so happy.  I can’t believe our son is going to get a little brother or sister! I’m so, so, so nervous, too.  We keep saying how much more nervous we are this time around, especially after last month.  When I got pregnant with my son, I never worried about losing the baby.  It was that wonderful first-pregnancy naivete. I spotted once on Friday, the day before the positive test.  And very slightly today.  But none over […]

My Browsing History This Week

Here is a peak into my browsing history this week…hope you find these links as interesting as I did! Maternity Leave: How Long Is Too Long?: The author says this about going back to work after having a baby: “I feel completely and utterly discombobulated.”  In my experience, this is 110% accurate.  Nothing prepared me for the anxiety-filled first year back to work. Reasons Why Clothes Shopping is the Absolute Worst: Yes.  Why am I just now finding out about Matt Bellassai? I was LOLing at this video. The Year I Embraced Minimalism and Completed a Yearlong Shopping Ban: I’ve ‘known’ Cait for a few years online, but I found this post fascinating.  She is accomplishing big things right now. Find The Thing You’re Most Passionate […]

My Browsing History


White Home Office & Painted Curtains 4

I did something a little cray cray last weekend.  I jumped on the painted curtain bandwagon.  Instead of stripes or stencils, I just went for it and painted the whole damn panel: That black panel there?  Nice, right?  Yeah, it used to be gold.  (Don’t mind those patches in the wall that need to be sanded/painted…forever a work in progress!)Remember those hideous gold curtains I had in our bedroom for a hot second?  I’ll remind you: Okay, they’re not that awful, but I just did not like them at all.  I’ve since replaced them with dark purple curtains that were on clearance for $7 a panel at Target last winter.  The new purple curtains block light soooo much better which is good because I need […]

Latelies. 1

Workouts this week… Sunday: 20 interval run Monday: Off Tuesday: Back, abs, shoulders Wednesday: Chest, triceps Thursday: 20 interval run Friday: HIIT workout (below) + 5 sprints @ 8.5mph Saturday: (planned) Legs workout So…I’m on track to work out 6 times this week.  I can’t even remember the last time that has happened!  6 months?  A year?  I’ve been set in the 3-5 times per week for awhile, so I’m pretty excited.  3 cardio + 3 strength workouts is pretty baller.  I’ve been trying to aim for shorter + harder cardio workouts because I know how devastating tons of steady state cardio can be on your  metabolism.  Plus, it’s nice to get your workout over with so quickly!  But…tough to push yourself so hard.   Here’s […]